Nostalgia thread


I love that ad, but also the music was perfect for it. I actually ended up buying that particular track at the time :laughing: Nike’s marketing campaigns growing up in the late 90s, early 00s were absolutely on point.

This was also another really fun one.



I hate doing this. I’m gonna do it :see_no_evil:

Football ads were sooooooo much better when I was growing up than the nonsense you see now

Wright Cantona Fowler + co having a knockaround to the sound of Blur, that was an amazing ad :ok_hand:


Pat Jennings doing a unipart ad. Only seemed to get shown on sundays when The Big match was on.


Holy moly, I can’t imagine a Footballer doing anything like this today :joy:

Here’s another absolutely glorious 90s advert that I still adore today. God bless you Murray Walker :pizza: @Electrifying


Did…did he just eat a slice of pizza crust FIRST?!

Leaving aside it being stuffed, that’s absolutely psychotic! :cech: