Nostalgia thread

Surprised we’ve not had a thread like this so far. What are some of your favourite shows you used to love watching when you were young? What about games from your childhood? Classic songs from the past? Or anything else that’s worth being nostalgic about :slight_smile:




Loved these as a kid

But my absolute favourites were…


God damn, Jet was SUCH a babe :giroud2: Can you believe she’s 48 now! Gladiators was such a good Saturday night gameshow. Would kinda like to see it back, but then again Sky 1 did a reboot 10 years ago and did such a crap job of it, it got canned soon after.

So many great shows. In that list. Regards to Doug, at the time, I used to think the voice actor was a kid, until years later I realised Billy West was very much a grown man :sweat_smile: He used to voice Roger in that as well. Not to mention he voiced these iconic duo too.

Ahh, what a weird show Ren and Stimpy was. You’d never get a show like this for kids now :joy:


Based on that, I’m gonna hazard a guess that you were born in

drum roll


Absolutely bang on :laughing:

Suggest you check out Adventure Time which is, in theory, for kids. :flushed:

Haha, it was the jimbo and the jet son one that threw me. I think that was slightly before my time.

This was so much better than transformers!


Especially the toys. One button and you were done usually as opposed to the fucking about and twisting involved to turn bumblebee into a fucking robot.

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Dragonball Z defined my youth. Rushed home from school to watch it on Cartoon Network every fucking day.

Kenan and Kel
Sister Sister
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Ed, Edd and Eddie
Yu gi oh
Cow and chicken
Dexter’s Lab
Captain Planet
Clarissa explains it all
Johnny Bravo

List goes on and on…


Also, who remembers 2 guys, a girl and a pizza place? Knew Ryan Reynolds was going to make it when I watched that show. First class talent spotter me.

Just zapping through them I remember surprisingly many :no_mouth:


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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Kevin Sorbo, what a fucking man.



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