Nostalgia thread


I still know every word of the Arthur theme song.


Pretty much this.

Also how has no one mentioned these legends:




Though I must admit, while I remember collecting them at the time, I honestly can’t recall what was the actual purpose of them?

Then of course there’s this guy!

Always loved this scene from Family Guy on Alf though :arteta:


I used to love those cigarette sweets with chocolate and paper. Then political correctness obviously went mad.


I would love just once to see Arsenal run out onto the pitch once more. Home or away instead of this fake parade every week.
Honestly waiting for that moment on a big match day was huge. Waters down atmosphere these PC gimmicks.


The :lion: :crown: :heart_eyes:


Who remembers this beauty of an ad? :cristo: :laughing:


Once a month when I get paid from work I buy a couple of Pokemon Base Set 1 booster packs from ebay, almost have the whole collection again like I did as a kid


I’m going to guess, based on that, that you were born in 1984


Pretty sure @Sol’s list indicates he was born very late 80s. Am guessing 1989.


Nahhhh, I’d say 87-90 :smile:

@sol settle this bruh


Yeah pretty sure it’s 89. I vaguely remember a conversation where we discovered we were born in the same year.


:sunglasses: Probably my favourite ever Tv show as a child. In fact definitely


I think you guys are right. Late 80s. If I had to revise my guess, 1987.

I’d be ashamed of myself if I got it wrong. Normally quite good at this. Got @BergkampsLoveChild year of birth straight away based on his choices


No way, @Sol is a 87er as well? Get in mate! :fist_left:t3:


It is 1989, turning 30 this month. @Mysty guess spot on but am sure I’ve mentioned this before somewhere. Some decent guesses though, I’m impressed.


Are you turning 30 on the 30th?


As Sol says bro, he’s an 89er unfortunately. But never mind, we’ve always got @Luca_from_Italy :bellend:

@Robin_L I loved Knightmare. That early use of computer graphics some how made it weirdly creepy, which just worked well at the time. One of those shows where if it were rebooted today, it wouldn’t work so well.

We can call this next ad nostalgia for sureee :kos2:


Cool as yoy like :bellend:


The old Nike adverts were so good. Definitely tried replicating Roberto Carlos’ freekicks :smile:

A lot of 89’s in here. Big 30 for me next month, fuck sake.