Damn the Eagles made hard work of it. Managed to win a game they were trying very hard to lose. Hope the offence starts to click and both the offence and defence start showing up in the same game. A win is a win. 4-0!

The Bears. WTF? How do you lose from that position? Some very poor play calling there.

Pats Making the shitboys look goo by providing their defence with scoring opportunities.

Time for bed now.

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The opposition is bad however Fields has done enough so far to show there is something there. Being Vicks rushing record, this game.

What have the coaching staff shown? They let one of the worst packer teams dominate them, the defensive minded coach let baker Mayfield look like Aaron Rodgers against him.

It’s a joke.

I agree though, he has to be consistently like this now though.

The bears have to sack their coach though, if they are serious

Looking forward to watching my home team getting humiliated on home turf. Should be a few extra people tuning in for when they cut to TS every time Mahomes throws to TK.

48-3 Chiefs.

Yikes what an awful stint

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How about them fuckin’ Jets!?!?!?


The NFL have manufactured the Kansas City Chiefs into a thoroughly dislikable team.


They don’t play football in New York, they got their own game:



What a day of football. So glad the Eagles finally got their shit together enough to win. That win was made so much sweeter with both the 49ers and Chiefs losing.

I thought I was bad to see us lose to the Jets. Then the Chiefs go and lose to the Broncos. They showed up big time.

The Bangles were brilliant against the niners. A healthy Burrows is scary.

Would love to hear Maxx Crosby mic’ed up for this MNF game… Uncensored of course.

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Lolphins getting absolutely FIF (fucked in Frankfurt)

Gonna end the half with zerooooo on the board :rofl::rofl:

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CJ Stroud is the Truth


Clearly ROY

Just built different, crazy how he’s taken to the league

They really tried to sabotage this guy during the draft process, Texans didn’t fall for it though and good for them.

He’s quite Burrow-esque in his game but with a stronger arm, incredibly poised in the pocket.


Wow CJ is HIM

400+ YARDS With 5 TDs :flushed:

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5 bloody TD’s holy shit

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@Starboy What are your thoughts on these Pats?

Time for Bill to go?

Nope, but wish they’d stop actually trying to win and just accept the tank.

Team is nothing special, then banged up all over defence so just take the opportunity to get a truly good draft pick for the first time in 30 years and hopefully draft some proper talent. Preferably a mobile QB and the fastest WR in the class.

Seems to work for everyone else, add in Bill’s defensive mind and we’d be pretty easily back in the hunt. Bill has easily earned next season, I think the talk of letting him go is mad - but he needs some control/steering on draft picks for sure.

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I needed that win last night. 8-1 baby. Fly Eagles Fly :eagle:

Love Stephen A! Cowboys the biggest cry babies in league. Always blaming the refs.


If we have to watch the eagles be this good can you actually fucking stop the chiefs this time ?

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I sure hope so! Thankfully have a bye week so Hurts can get some rest before we face them.