Eagles, bills, lions, chiefs, cowboys and then a punt on the giants to beat the cards.

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Idk if the Ravens were in a position to let him walk. They would’ve had to shed a ton of payroll and start over. Plus the fanbase would have gone nuts. He’s also a former MVP. It’s not as if he played five decent games at the tail end of a lost season.

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You don’t have to be Brady or Mahomes to get paid though, Lemar and Burrow for example are legitimate top 10 QB’s, its difficult to find a bona fide franchise QB.

The issue is when utter scrubs like Daniel Jones are signing $160m dollar contracts and Barkley who is pivotal to the offence getting shafted as running backs tend to.

Far too many mediocre to average QB’s get paid megabucks, that’s something that needs to change to reward the best and most productive players period.

I think it’s more about lifting the floor rather than diverting money from the qb. They’re always going to be stratospheric earners but it can’t even touch how much money they generate for owners.

QB is the most important position though.

You can be stacked everywhere else and still be nowhere near the Superbowl without one.

Ask the Rams. Also Cleveland, Denver, SF.

And the Chicago fucking bears that cunt organisation who even when they get gifted one, ruin them

Demand is sky high and when you find a good one, you have to keep them.

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Spot on, there is a deficit of actual good above average QBs.

If you have a guy whose has proven to be above average you’re better off locking him down but there is a line. Lamar is a franchise QB, the giants should have tagged Jones and saw what happens over the year.

I wouldn’t allow Tua to reset the market either

@Electrifying: Looking spooky for Fields, he has deficiencies in his game for sure. Holds on to the ball for far too long and struggling to read defences

This in particular was terrible from him

CBS announcers getting excited at the prospect of another blowout win.

Meanwhile, America switches off and folds laundry.

Yeah absolutely disastrous stuff.

He has to take responsibility here, but his development has been terrible so far.

Fucking bears. Trade him to the giants or something man.

Hope you did this one @Josh - all came in.

These Phins are LEGIT

The bears are a pathetic awful disgusting organisation.

Trade fields while there is still something of a QB in him but I fear he is fucked permanently now.

Caleb Williams needs to do a John elway from there.

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Ravens aren’t far off. Inked Lamar to a huge deal and get bamboozled at home to the Colts.

At least they do a couple designed runs and work to Lamar’s strengths.

Allowed him to show his talents.

I don’t know what the fuck the bears is.

CJ Stroud looks legit, he is very poised and goes through his progressions swiftly. Having a great start to his NFL. career.

He’s been dealt a bad hand with injuries on his team but is shining regardless, comparing him and Fields in terms of passing is might and day. He may be the one to break the OSU curse.

Sorry to say but Fields looks like a bust, he has elite physical talent but in terms of playing the position? Distinct lack of feel for the game, pocket awareness and ability to read defences.

Jordan Love looks good too, Green Bay may have done it again.

He’s a shell of even what he was under Nagy.

What the hell happened man

Broncos staring at the abyss of rock bottom losing to the Bears!

Served Sean Payton right for the hit job on Nat Hackett

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The meme selection if they do start 0-4 will be sensational.

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I think you can see now the problem isn’t Fields.

I thought the bears coaches were being bad on purpose with terrible playcalls last year so they could tank and get the 1st pick.

Turns out they were actually trying to win lol

They are so shit.

Get them gone.

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Does one game prove that? Everyone is running up numbers against them, he did look very good up until the pick though

He may be salvageable but both things can be true, Bears can be inept AF and he can be quite a bad QB

Not sure how much longer he gets to prove people wrong after this season