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One of Stan’s teams finally achieved something of note is it ?

Pretty much, totally down to the brilliance of the coaching staff

See I feel kroenke does want his team’s to win I think the ineptness of arsenal is down to fucking Wenger and his ego and stubbornness and being so badly behind the times.

Who are you backing? I think Minnesota vs Pats Superbowl

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Heartbreak for Kansas, their fans deserve a long playoff run. Offence went to shit after Kelce left.

Good start to the wildcards!

crazy TD

Rams have started very poorly… unforced errors in places where they do well normally

TD Rams - Big one, we need momentum now and somebody to make a play

MASSIVE 14 secs coming up, lets see some magic!! darn kick - At least it’s made

Inexperience showed…disappointing

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Standard Stan, his side leaving the playoffs at the earliest stage is it ?

Not really standard for a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2004. Don’t get why you keep invoking Kroenke at all.

A bunch of young guys and a first time 31 year old coach did something extremely special this season.

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Interesting match up, have to back Big Ben tho


Was a really great time to get into NFL. Playoff games have been amazing


I think Minnesota will win. Jags v Pats harder to call, I’m leaning to the Jags tbh

Omg what an end to this game! Happy for Minnesota.

How likely is it that P Diddy will buy the Panthers?

Also fuck the patriots.

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Not sure about the viability of Diddy owning the Panthers but the NFL could sure use some Black Ownership

Lets go Pats

Whyyyyyy Sev?!?!?!

You’ve gotta watch the best at work. Love how the entire franchise consistently rustles the rest of the NFL :sweat_smile:

Also: TB12 = :goat: