Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (PL)


Ahh that is interesting and I didn’t realize it… then yeah, nothing matters at this point but EL in terms of results. Having said that, our team is a disjointed, awful, mess… doesn’t bode well to finish this pathetically right now. Really not at all excited when I think about next year if Arsene is in charge. I only watched a half of the game and I am finding less and less motivation to get emotionally invested and prioritize watching these days… even a year or so ago I was still obsessed.


We are a pathetic excuse of a so called big club .
Another shocking away performance.
We are simply not good enough.
Athletico will rip Wenger another arsehole .


West Brom have more away points in 2018. Kinda says it all.


Not just that. We’re the only team in England’s top five divisions to not win an away point in 2018

Pretty incredible.

Tamworth, in the National League North, are the next ones down to have zero points away from home so far this year.


Makes embarrassing reading for Palace and Everton.

That Burnley win was an absolute steal too


We are only ahead of Burnley in the table because of that Alexis penalty in the last minute :joy::joy:


Need to stay strong and supportive guys to make sure we finish above Burnley.


That is an absolutely shocking stat .
The decline of this team is hard to believe.


the team is fine i reckon, i reckon they are fucking up on purpose i dont expect to win Europa either they dont want wenger there they will fuck this you watch. We will be out next round and miss europe all together just to push that cunt out the door.


Does this mean we might have to pull out of the international champions cup? :mustafi:


Is anyone else finding this whole situation hilarious? Sure I’d rather we actually win games. But at the same time, i’m having fun with this. Had messages/memes from friends, which I know they want some kind of furious reaction to, but all they’re getting is, “hahaha yeah, we’s shit, and?”

I’m also surprised that people still think this kind of thing is a surprise. “Arsenal fans weren’t expecting this when they made the trip”. Yes we fucking were!

And then come the reports describing us as being “in danger”. Oh come on, we’ll have to play against FC Zipy or B93 FC, or whoever in July. That’s not danger – that’s humiliation! And we deserve it.

Never change Arsenal :sunglasses:


I’d actually like to finish 7th just for the sheer novelty of playing some random team from Malta away in Europe in July :joy::joy::joy:


We’ll have trouble signing players though. They’ll want to double check that we qualify for the mighty Europa League before they commit.


only to lose because it is an away game :henry2:


We scored away from home in the league, that’s not a bad effort for us.


To be fair we had a very good chance of a goal fucked up by Willock’s naivety.

Apart from the fact we can’t defend I don’t think we lacked for effort etc. When you considering the offensive output of Ramsey and Ozil was absent I don’t think what was left did a particularly bad job, it just wasn’t good enough.


If we’re rationalising losing away to a mid table team because of having just 2 players missing (however good) then we’re properly on the slide. We’re as close to West Brom as Man City :smile:


Well let’s be honest, we also have a manager missing and have so for years.


That was true earlier in the day but then West Brom won. :rofl:


We only lost because our defense is shambolic af. Conceding from a throw in is derpy. Fair result was a draw but that’s ok, clearly we don’t give af about the league anymore. All chips are in on the EL.