Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (PL)


One does not simply avoid the Europa League.

It wouldn’t be any kind of punishment if that were possible.



Crystal Palace

Not it makes it any better but still :joy:


Wow fuck me it’s so bad


To be fair it doesn’t matter now if we lose every away PL game.


2 points ahead of Burnley. We could finish 7th.


Grimsby have more away points than us :arteta: :arteta: :arteta:


Oh no.

Not that your point isn’t valid, but really, I would struggle to care.


Finishing below Burnley would be a nice indictment of Wenger’s performance this season.


In a way i’d be a bit happy for Burnley as it would be a massive achievement for them and i don’t hate them.


In most of those games we took the lead then lost


arent we going to europe anyway because of reaching the carabao cup final?


There was a really irritating girl I went to uni with, she was from Burnley and was a big fan.

I still don’t care.


No. Cup runners up don’t get Europe anymore. Though i think league cup never did anyway.


Not a rule mav


nice lads!

No Europa and new manager coming our way!!

or Wenger and CL football. Either way i’m happy and excited for the new season


Arsenal are the only team yet to pick up a point away from home in the Premier League in 2018.



5th = PL Europa League place
6th = League Cup Europa League place
7th = FA Cup Europa League place unless Southampton win the cup.


oh so Southampton have to win for us to not get Europe? I thought any of the others had to win.

I see. Oh well. New Manager can try winning it next year I guess.


Yeah, thats it. Because the other 3 will all be picking up European places through their league position.


next away game is against Man United, Jose at Old Trafford between the 2 Atletico games.

What do you think guys, can they beat their high score of 8-2? Think they will for sure give it a go.

Alexis to score a hat-trick