Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (PL)


  • Newcastle win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Not much enthusiasm for this one eh @Electrifying :smiley:


This has Newcastle win written all over it




They’re definitely due a win against us. If they ever had to “get that monkey off their back”, I’d rather they do it on Sunday, when it’s a nothing game


Toon 2-0. Only annoying Thing about it is I don’t think we have lost to them
Since 2010 ( though the 4-4 might as well have been a loss) and I have a fair few mates that support the Toon.


We’ve won our last 10 PL games vs Newcastle, if we beat them on Sunday we break our club record for consecutive wins against another PL club


I wonder which one of our 23 formations from last night we opt to go with for this match


Who is it a joint record with, out of interest? (If that makes sense)

I know we have an almost impeccable record against Villa and maybe Everton (possibly even Chelsea when we used to destroy them, but then again we drew at their ground so it was more an “unbeaten” run)


Actually don’t know haha seen the stat on the premier league matchpack show that previews the weekends games.


Could be west ham or Burnley?

Claret n blue teams. We wipe the floor with em


It’s Man City. Between 94 and 04. Says that in the Premier League preview on their website.


That fucking top noooooooooooo :gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:


Hah. Abomination kit = auto loss. Not sure that Newcastle need any more points anyway but if they lose to us they’re pretty stupid


Can we finally get a decent away performance, in this kit?!

Doubt it.

Hope Laca and Auba start together, with Elneny starting in midfield


We’ve been on our best run of the season in recent games but Burnley are still only two points behind, so we really have to win this.
I’ll go 1-0 to us, Aubameyang to score.


Nice lineup


Auba and Laca up front together :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Özil has never faced them away. It must be part of his contract that he doesn’t ever have to set foot in Newcastle. It’s not that bad there, Mesut.


loool, Newcastle is great