Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (PL)





That line up is awful. Definitely not winning.

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They wanted it more


Just a complete shower of cunts. I still ultimately blame Wenger but I couldn’t care less about this group of players either.

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Speaks volumes that this thread has mustered less than 30 replies to this point.


we are the ONLY team in the EPL to not win a single fucking point away in 2018 its mid april FFS, fucking relegation form fucking pricks i want half of this team to kindly fuck the fuck off with the cunt manager.


Congrats to Newcastle on getting the win really, if you have Arsenal at home in your last bunch of fixtures and you don’t win it it’s a massive missed opportunity :eyes:

Brighton did it, Newcastle have done it and I think Huddersfield might do as well, altho last day games are hugely unpredictable


At least it doesn’t make much of a difference at this point.




My biggest disappointment is that I cashed out my bet on a Newcastle win at 75 minutes.


what position do you finish to miss out on europe altogether?


Fucking terrible but to be expected.

Absolutely embarrassing we are the only club in England to not get any away points in 2018


It’s pretty much impossible for us not to be in the Europa League unless we win it.



7th if Southampton win the FA CUP


We wont be out of europe because of the carabao cup


won 2 away games all season.

2!!! FFS :arteta: