Newcastle United Vs Arsenal (PL)


The fair result was the result that we got.


Knew the first time we play away from home after a nice run of easy games at home that we would come undone. Not shocked by the result, Mustafi caught out once again as a nothing player. Poor Chambers doesn’t look like he make it at Arsenal. Holding needs a loan away next season. Wilcock looked out of his depth. Cech needs replacing. Auba and Laca worked well for the goal but didn’t cause Newcastle anywhere enough problems. Xhaka still doesn’t work for me. Elneny was the only one giving any effort.

I don’t like the attitude that the league doesn’t matter from some of our fan’s, we are in no position to be picky on what we do and don’t take serious. We should have played our strongest fittest team, A. Madrid did in their league so why can’t we. I think we can write off any chance of winning away when we play UTD and Leicester cause I can’t see us winning there. We win at home cause we always have a bit of luck there. Sad times really at this once great club.


Given the league table I’d say we absolutely are in the position to decide we don’t need to take it seriously. There’s nothing tangible to be gained by playing our very best team in the league.


Needs to be (have been) a thorough inquest at the club about the standards of our away form vs home. I mean, I’m not sure it’s the rabid nature of our vociferous home support spurring the boys on to home victories against the same mid table outfits we lose to away. So whatever mental barrier we’re coming up against away from our home ground needs to be smashed next season.

It’s unacceptable, you can lose big matches by big scorelines but losing away under any circumstances to half the bottom 8 sides is risible


I’m sure the travelling away supporters, who travelled hundreds of miles spending a large proportion of their wages are glad to hear that.


Reminds me of this tweet from John Cross yesterday

I’m intrigued to know which other basket he proposes we put our eggs into


Well they’re fucking stupid if they’re doing that. Don’t glorify poor budgeting.


If I was going all that way, spending all that money, I would expect to see a better than a team who clearly aren’t interested in the PL anymore.
Or Wenger should tell the supporters before the game.


To be honest, a lot of away fans would go to the matches regardless. Support the team through thick and thin and all that. I know someone who goes to pretty much every single Arsenal match – it would take his own death to stop him from doing that.


My take is that if you’re a professional, you turn up and give your best effort at whatever it is that you do.


Further to: I just read that Mourinho is benching some players for their semi-final against the spuds. The reason being for poor performance against West Brom. It’s not often I agree with him.


I think the stamina at our club has been questionable now for a number of years. We seem to wilt every season after xmas.
No surprise that Liverpool put the Ox on a fitness course when he first arrived their. Partly that might be down to their pressing game, but surely not all of it.


We didn’t even play that bad. The game should have been over at HT. It’s just that our tactics and players are crap.


Read somewhere our training methods are very tough. This thing could explain why we always run out of fuel at a certain point of the season.


Yep John, we have so many other baskets available :xhaka: