Nabil Fekir


Fair play, Klopp is building a good team there. Hopefully Emery can do the same with us.


Yea, with 50 million a year, he sure can.


It’s not as simple as £50m a year though is it? There’s an article doing the rounds explaining how we work out our transfer budgets, I suggest you read it so that you understand what is really going on rather than believe in the clickbait headlines you read.


Yeah basically in short, the £50m isn’t for transfer fees per se it’s for salaries.

So basically we can make up to £50m worth of signings in regard to salaries i.e. we can sign 10 players on £5m per year deals or 5 £10m per year players.

That’s a gross oversimplification and doesn’t quite cover the transfer fees either BUT that £50m DOES NOT equate to: 1 £50m player or 2 £20m players and 1 £10m player.

It’s all broken down by salary and accounted for over years of the contract.


It’s not just salaries, it’s salaries per year plus the fee split out over the initial contract. A 40 million player signed on a 4 year contract of 7 mil means a 7+40/4 hit on our budget. Thus 17 million.


Hopefully it means Salah is off.


I was thinking that, unless it’s one of their other attacking players like Mane or Firmino.
If he does go, it will be a record fee.


I refuse to believe it. Nabil won’t leave us now with all we can achieve this season with our youth coming through the ranks.


I’m Confused, who do you actually support?


He is mocking people. He has been told to fuck off and support another team, because he doesn’t share the same sentiment towards the new manager; which I actually funny because it’s the same people that would call you out for supporting Wenger.


Salah is going nowhere he’s Coutinho replacement


  Salah Firmino Manè


He actually said that he was considering supporting a new club, that’s why people keep going on about him going off and supporting a new team.

Probably best to be clear on the facts first before posting an explanation


That was after he was told to fuck off, was reading the thread I found pretty aberrant just because someone doesn’t ascribe to your views.


Haha to be fair I think I said it before many had told me to fuck off–surely a few had said it already then–but I do find it highly amusing the part you noted about the biggest culprits being precisely those who would tell people to fuck off for years for getting behind the club and Wenger, and now all of a sudden it’s all sweetness and light and you can’t say a bad word about the club’s actions. :crazy_face:


He’s actually spoken before about it being somewhat illogical to blindly follow one team if you’ve got no good reason to, several people have had debates or discussions with him about the nature of being a football fan. So I’m pretty sure he isn’t just saying that as a wind up reaction to people being mean to him.


I will give both of you that, there is something deliciously ironic about that haha


Anyways, I can neither confirm nor deny my true allegiances, but I will say, ALLEZ LES GONES and ARRIBA MI ATLÉTI!!!


We have some delightfully vague rules about intentional trolling, don’t make me apply a special interpretation :kos2:


Thanks for taking the time out and explaining in detail :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Even with amortization, 50 million is a ridiculous figure for a club our size and nowhere near good enough to complete with the likes of Liverpool who have constantly backed their managers with steady financial support. What you are taking about is a technique used to balance the books (spread fee and wages across the contract period so that it doesn’t hit the financial figures of the year of signing), but that doesn’t help anyone other that the accountant as fee in almost all transfers has to be paid upfront. Looking at the past record of the way we have spent, it’d actually be a surprise that we’d have a net spend in exess of 50 million. If the club was really interested in spending money, they’d have spent some of the cash reserve they have been sitting on for years (largest in the world) and tried to offset it against future earnings for the sake of improvement of the team, but that hasn’t happened yet and unlikely it will.

I like your optimism and hope I am wrong, but our failure to attract a bigger name for the manager’s position indicates that money won’t be made available for top signings and we’ll continue with bargain hunting. Any big signings will have to be offset against sales. We were in a way lucky that we were able to ship out a lot of dead wood for decent money, but now there are few players left that the club can dispose and we’ll soon be back to selling our best players to keep books positive. Ramsey and Lacazette will likely face the chop as they’ll fetch good money and can be replaced with cheaper alternatives, rest are either unsellable for one or the other reason or will have to be sold for a loss (think this was the reason we couldn’t offload Mustafi last summer).

I am convinced that we spunked a large part of the summer’s budget on Auba cause he became available. If we hadn’t spent in the winter, the budget for the new manager would have been closer to 100million. But hey, if it weren’t for your telling me that you read an article, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with this explanation. Cheers.


Lacazette should be sold to raise funds, Perez should take his place in the squad