Nabil Fekir


Poor old Arsenal. Seems like a mediocre head coach like Emery fits exactly what we are then. The Sevilla F.C. of England.


Why when he scored nearly every game or assisted when he came back from his surgery when there is so much deadwood we should be getting rid of first


I simply think we can get similar production in the same position at a cheaper cost.

Our deadwood players are unlikely to raise anything major in funds.


I agree.
What I don’t understand is that in the last few transfer windows we have almost had a net spend of nothing.
Aren’t we making enough money without having to sell in order to buy?
I thought we were supposed to be one of the most profitable clubs in Europe.
It’s about tim e we started acting like it.


we DONT need funds, we need the wage bill to be lowered, because of wengers shit socialist wage structure you have fucking garbage players on huge money. Our restrictions is not being able to expand the squad because of the wages we have and not being able to add more than 7m a season to it or something like that. We have hundreds of millions in reserves this has been proven just look at the financials, its the FFP rules with wage increases etc that might cause a problem.

Why would you get rid of a decent player with decent results to save money in the hope of getting someone with similar results and how do you know how good he can be under better management you could potentially getting rid of a 30 goal a season striker.


My point still stands. Having a player like Laca as a back up striker is an inefficient use of our resources considering his transfer fee, status in the squad, wages and resale fee as he ages.

Make alot more sense to sell and bring in a younger striker who’ll improve and increase in value.


Man, people getting all worked up over the bloody £50 million figure, with no kind of context or explanation of what that figure really is.

Can I spell something out real quick:


Read this:

And that’s only if the figure is actually true as well.


How do Man City and Man U get away with it?
Their wage bills must be higher than ours.
Pogba, Sanchez and Lukaku are on about 1m a season between them.


champions league revenue and also their dodgy deals plus their wage bills are not as bad, ours are so fucking bloated because of the contracts we have dross players on


Fucking hell, did you just post one of keenos blogs? I suppose he’s the least moronic person associated with shewore so that’s something :smile:


Dunno, but Ornstein liked the tweet that he shared it from.


Perfect, that’s the one I was after!


Yeah, especially he won the Champions League.


Insane signing if Liverpool manage to pull it off.

Surprised no other top team is in for him, he’s a fantastic player already and not yet in his prime. Not sure where he slots into the team as he predominantly plays in Salah’s position but if they’re looking to offset Salah’s future departure it’s almost the perfect signing.


Some people on here say Liverpool getting to the CL final is a nothing. Wrong because this with the revenue generated and high profile brings players like this interest in signing for you.
So yeah to the deluded keep telling yourself they just had a lucky ride. Players like Fekir dont agree.


Don’t think they will sign him


It depends on Salah, imo. I think he is leaving in the summer, regardless of the fact they win the Champions League or not.


At this point our only forwards are Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mkhitaryan and Iwobi. It’s unclear if we sign another forward at this point. I wouldn’t sell Lacazette just yet…


Doubt it, they only just bought it, he would only leave if it was for a HUGE amount of money and even then they might wanna keep him as they just signed him and he is very valuable to him and the fans love him.


I doubt anybody else sets their side up for Salah like Liverpool do. Hed be a mug to go really at his age.