Nabil Fekir



14 seasons without a PL title and constant disappointment and some have the audacity to imply others on here are fair weather fans. If we were fair weather we’d be long gone by now instead of suffering through this charade.

Wenger and @Arsenal4thetreble Out!


Wonder how hard you celebrated our FA Cup wins, or do you just lump that in with the 14 years of disappointment thing?


Mate, he is just a troll. Leave him alone. No Arsenal fan in the world back Wenger anymore, even the most reasonable one.




When Lacazette has persuaded Fekir to join us perhaps he could get his other mate, Griezman to come with him.


That actually would be better than AOL i reckon because fekir is more active than ozil and i think he would suit our play better and griezmann would be less selfish on the ball he doesnt hold onto it as long and doesnt constantly dribble he passes, but lets face it its a dream that will never come true at best we would just get fekir.


First of all lol @ 45M there gonna want double or even triple that.

Secondly Wenger will probably fuck him up like he’s done Lacazette


Lol at the price, but nah Fekir would succeed as he’s on a different level ability wise to Lacazette. Despite the glaring flaws in our system, he has enough individual talent to override that. It’s kind of irrelevant though as we won’t be signing him.


Wenger has identified? So he is staying :mustafi:

Apart from joke, it would be pure porno football Ozil and Fekir together :giroud2:


I bet Wenger is willing to pay 45m for him.
The only problem is that all the other top clubs will pay what he is actually worth, which is probably twice that.

Expect to see the quote from Wenger, after he goes elsewhere of, “we tried, but he didn’t meet our valuation.”


It’s the daily mail ffs. Can we not just assume they’ve made up the fucking numbers?


Almost certainly.

That £40-45m mark seems to be the magic number for any Arsenal related transfer these days


Hey the Daily Mail only use 100% legit sources.

Current market value: £45.00m




wenger HOPEFULLY wont be here for long enough to fuck him up royally, just a little lol. Not sure if we will be in for him though, i reckon he would probably be a £75m player.


There are more important positions to be filled, like GK and CB before we look at any more attacking players.

Unless the board have decided to start splashing the cash without selling players to balance the books.


The time to buy Fekir would have been off the back of the injury when his value tanked.

Don’t see why he doesn’t go for Coutinho and Dembele money especially after a stellar season and possibly a very good world cup.


Nabil, ne nous laisse pas!!! :red_circle: :large_blue_circle: :white_circle:


Paul Joyce is the ornstein for Liverpool.

Some signing if they pull it off tbh