Nabil Fekir


Gonna get a big move in the Summer if he carries this on. Ligue 1 has to be the best league for developing your talents. Every summer players leave France to join clubs in the PL, La Liga etc.

Would so love to have him sign for us but absolutely no chance of that happening :disappointed:


Might not be the case we would be able to offer him good wages and if ozil fucks off to somewhere else he is 1st choice too we should be capable to get him since we can offer him those 2 things and other clubs wont be able to make him definite 1st choice.

ahhhh… just kidding myself :frowning:


Obvious Ozil’s replacement, imo.


unfortunate thing is that we all know that wilshere will be ozils replacement, as wenger usually fucking does he will rely on him and then he will be injured for 3/4 of the season and we will struggle and will be back to the fucking bs sideways passing. He will sit there wringing his hands being perplexed and acting like he doesnt know how things have gone so badly wrong.


Would absolutely love him here, should have tried to sign him with Lacazette in the summer just gone as a double swoop.





Clearly asking us to sign him :santi2:


Clearly begging to be a failure more like.


Wonder where he ends up ? Now I know it won’t be us as we would have had to sign him last summer, to many more attractive options will be hunting him now.


I would swap ozil and sanchez for fekir and griezmann in a heartbeat they are both of lacas best mates. Lets face it those 2 are going anyway might as well make our only star remaining get new star recruits and best buddies at the club. (yes i know we have more chance of Mourinho managing this club than that happening, but would be awesome)


Clearly begging to get benched in big games and get subbed at the 65th minute in all the other games.


Would love to see him and Laca recreate their linkup next season


Nabil Fekir’s dad doesn’t sound the brightest…


That quote is from early 2016 IIRC

Just checked, it’s even older than that.


Yep… The bloody Mirror writing an article based on a 2 year old quote… :expressionless:

Got me to click on it though, so mission accomplished I guess.


Dayum I just became a Fekir and his dad fan.


“When you are from Lyon, the only French club that you are interested in is Lyon. There is nothing that tempts you more than that… Spain and England. Those are the two most attractive leagues, where they love football. From a technical point of view, it is neat. It is the best! In Spain, even the smaller teams are not scared of playing. I love the game, the beautiful game. The teams that are uniquely looking to be involved in and win duels do not interest me. That is not football. Aside from that, everyone has their preferred style.”

I give us a really good shot if we’re interested. Of the top 6 in England I would confidently rule out at least 3 clubs due to them either not needing him or not being a great fit. Interest from the top 2 in Spain seems unlikely also.


So Wenger is going to visit him at home, speak with his parents just to lose him to P.S.G. :hipster: