Nabil Fekir


Don’t start getting my hopes up @Burgundy !!


United, City and Barcelona are three clubs who could be and should be interested in signing Fekir next summer. Wouldn’t suprise me if Bayern emerges too even if that might not be his immediate preference.


That’s the worrying aspect. If we can get in early and declare we want him, we might have a chance.

Saying that though some transfers are done a year prior behind closed doors, so Fekir’s future could already be decided.


You know, Wenger is gonna scout him to death and then lose out on him :xhaka:


The big clubs do that, but I think ours are done on who Wenger can get on the cheap after all the other clubs have got who they want.

The words Wenger and transfer strategy don’t belong in the same sentence.


Don’t think Bayern would be in contention really, considering they don’t do massive transfer fees. Fekir will easily reach £60M+. Any of the top teams will probably spend their time flirting with Alexis if they wanted that profile of player as well.

Like MM mentions, get in early, full on Wenger charm offensive and we might snag a deal.


If I was a player I would say to Wenger no matter what you say I’m not signing for you lol. Let’s hope Fekir feels different…


What’s Wenger’s reputation like outside of England though? I mean Lacazette signed for us, so I doubt Fekir would be put off by that.

Outside of PSG, Fekir is probably the best player in Ligue 1 right now so it would be great if we could snag him, though I don’t feel optimistic about signing anyone half decent at the moment.


Lol actual football ppl still massively respect Wenger. Only idiots who don’t are the know nothing Arsenal fanatics.


Must be why Sanchez & Ozil are so keen to sign contract extensions.


Ok twist stuff to fit your narrative, it’s what our fan base is best at. One of the many reasons they are laughed at so much.


The good thing about City going for Alexis and United going for Ozil is they are less likely to go for Fekir. Ofcourse if Messi goes to City Barce will need to make a statement


Lol! He can still get good french players, tbh.


Even if City signs Sanchez I think they will still be in the market for a midfielder, because of Silva’s age and Gundogan’ injuries.


There was no twisting of anything.
They are the facts and just because they don’t fit in with your narrative you dismiss them,
I speak to plenty of supporters of other clubs and they don’t laugh at our fanbase, they laugh at the fact Wenger is still the manager.

If Wenger is respected all over Europe why are our only two world class players leaving and why aren’t any coming here?

If he is that great, top quality players should be queueing up to come here, not queueing up to leave.


They have Bernardo Silva, tbh :xhaka:


if your sense of self worth is tied to a football club, us sane supporters can’t help you, and don’t tell me it isn’t because that’s the only reason anyone would invoke the “they are laughing at us we are a banter club derp ermagerd!!” argument. We don’t want to be associated with that type of fanaticism and any loony fans like you and many others. If you get all out of sorts because a fan of another club can effectively take the piss out of you because Arsenal have performed slightly below our lofty standards, once again that’s your fault.

The facts of the matter is that we are The Arsenal. One of the most storied clubs in English football history. Most FA Cups ever. Plenty of PL Championships, 49 unbeaten, winning the league at shite lane, anfield, and old Trafford. Nobody can tell me otherwise and if they do I’ll say yeah we are a bit shit rt now but we’ll be fine. Have some fucking self confidence about the great club you support and stop giving idiots power over you.

As for no world class players want to play here bla blah, you’ve been continually proven wrong about this before, I don’t see any reason why it would change now.



I didn’t know you spoke for the arsenal fans.


I speak for the well adjusted, dignified, sane Arsenal supporters. I will leave the self defeatist, little whiney spoiled bitch Arsenal fanatic spokesperson job up for grabs between you, Invincibles, and aissiegooner. Not sure which of you deserves it most.


lol, no you don’t.