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Yes I do, if you say i don’t it’s very clear that you are too emotional and belong in the insane fanatic bracket. Too much rain up there affecting your brain :disappointed_relieved:


That’s… I just… I got nothing. You need to step back and take a big deep breath.


You’re the one who said our fanbase was laughed at, I was just saying we’re not.

When have I said otherwise?
It’s our lack of ambition with Wenger and Kroenke I am questioning.

How have I “been continually proven wrong about this before?”

After this season we will have no world class players and the only ones we have bought will have gone.
How is that being wrong?


The only thing being proven wrong was Arsene Wenger and @Arsenal4thetreble stating we’d win the league within the 3 year period of Wenger’s contract when he signed on again after 2014.


Show some loyalty. We are sticking with the girl who we brought to the dance.


You’re actually incredibly boring at this stage. It used to be a bit funny, then annoying. You’ve lost it man.


Hey sorry for you being bored by my opinion or outlook on things. Some people choose to be positive. Fair enough if you don’t agree, I’m just as bored of the circle jerk of negativity that plagues this forum tbh.




If I believed that you believed half what you write I wouldn’t even mind but it’s clear as day you’re just on a wind up most of the time. Like I say, it’s boring now.


If he was an adolescent I could perhaps understand but doesn’t he have Mrs and a kid?

He needs a hobby tbh, his shtick is lame as fuck now.


Here come all the sheeple to throw in their two cents. Hey philosophical question, how many posts do I have to endure calling me boring before those very posts become boring themselves?? It’s come full circle you are turning into the very thing you despise :joy:


When players come to their last big contract even the likes of Bayern lose their best players to the mega rich elite clubs. Even United lost CR7. Even at our best we lost Anelka, Overmars, Petit, Vieira and Henry.

The reason Ozil and Alexis signed here in the first place was because of Wenger. We’ve just signed Lacazette for the same reason. Mbappe’s family was interested in him playing under Wenger after meeting him. If we had Usmanov as our owner backing the transfer instead of the mustached pedo we’d have signed Mbappe. Pires turned down Real Madrid for Arsenal because of Wenger. Fabregas left Barcelona for Arsenal because of Wenger. I could go on.


Lol why are you using examples from when Wenger was actually a good manager and not the past it fraud he is now :thinking::thinking:


I don’t know if serious. But managers come and go. That has been so in ~120 years of First Division/Premier League football. We don’t have to stick with Wenger.


There was more managerial loyalty/patience pre-PL days. Fergie took years to win a title and would almost certainly have been sacked in the modern era before winning a title.


That doesn’t change the fact that managers do/did come and go and there is really no reason to stick with Wenger, is there? We have been patient with Wenger btw.


Wenger hasn’t won the league for 14 seasons, I think we have been patient enough.


We don’t have to but the club decided to do so. That’s our leadership at the moment so get on board. As I’ve said before, hopefully we won’t win another PL title so we can rid ourselves of the instant gratification fanatic who’s basically just a hanger on to past glory. We need men supporting this club.


“ Hopefully we won’t win another premier league title “ is it you that is secretly a Tottenham fan @Arsenal4thetreble?


The definition of support does not include that that has to be unconditionally and regardless of all the actions the club, political party, person, or whatever it is that you support, undertakes. Or they have changed that definition recently.