Nabil Fekir


He’s not an arsenal fan he’s a wenger fan.


Yeah so if u don’t like it ur free to switch allegiances to a club who is more in line with your preferences.


My question is, why do you guys bite so consistently and frequently? At a certain point, you should know better and makes you little better than @Arsenal4thetreble for giving him what he wants, a reaction.


This is not trolling. My posts are coming from a place where I’m embarrassed by our fan base. It’s really pathetic. For example:

@Electrifying are you proud of a fan base you are thrown into and identified as being part of, galavanting around the internet spewing embarrassing rehetoric like this about a legend of our club? He’s not only our current manager that we should be supporting, but also the greatest ever manager our club has ever seen? Not to mention he’s actually recently won several FA cups at the helm, setting a fucking record of the all time winingest FA Cup managers in the history of the longest running cup comp of all time. In the process beating lolpool, chelsea, united and manchester city on rhe way to being a champ 3 out of 4 years. Sick spoiled fan base, full of embarrassments, deserve to be laughed at by other top clubs tbh. In fact the supporters who have our heads on straight lol at them too :joy:


The funny thing about this line is that if you were at infant school when Wenger last won the PL title you would actually be a man now, which is hardly instant gratification is it?

All those teams have won the PL title or CL title, or both, since we last won the PL.
Perhaps the big teams have bigger ambitions than the FA Cup.


That’s because it’s not been a target of the board who haven’t provided a transfer budget to compete with the top teams.


It’s literally making this board unreadable atm. I know the quality of discussion is always going to suffer when we’re in a downswing as a club but every fucking thread is polluted with this nonsense. We’re turning into Arsenalmania with this constant shite.


That’s the thing though nearly every fan on here has become an Arsenal fan glory supporting the years of success that Wenger built or salivating over the silky football Wenger’s team played at times.

To completely blame that manager when he’s seen us through a decade where he’s had to turn a profit season on season is partly ungrateful and partly unrealistic. And even now we still have spent less than Liverpool nevermind being dwarfed by City, United and Chelsea. You can’t under invest for over a decade and expect a team to be title challengers year on year no matter who your manager is.


Not according to @Arsenal4thetreble, he doesn’t seem to think we have a problem with our ownership either.


It’s true that we, along with the other top European clubs, lose big players to bigger clubs, but the difference is. they still have world class players remaining and usually replace those out going players.
After Ozil and Sanchez leave we won’t have any.

It’s also the reason they are leaving.
Any pull Wenger might have had is clearly not there.

It’s true, he has done a good job considering his spending but he has said several times we can compete with the top clubs.
But in recent seasons we are finishing behind Leicester, Liverpool and the most embarrassing, spurs.


Why? It’s a matter of time before Wenger is gone.


@Castiel is right. Time to get back on topic here. And yes I’m aware I partly helped derail things but let’s keep this sort of talk to the Wenger thread if at all possible.


Amem brother… Shamrock was half-right… it IS boring… but it is worse than that at this stage - definition of constant trolling.


I find interesting any opinion that is not anti wenger is boring and trolling. OA has become a place any dissenting opinion from the mass opinion is met with criticism.


It used to be the other way round a couple of seasons ago.
Peoples tolerance level is different I suppose.
Not that it makes much difference, because Wenger is here to stay.


Not really. A4TT gets called a boring troll, I don’t think that you, GunnerGirl et al do.

But on topic, Goddamn I hope we can sign this baller, I think he would be absolutely sensational for us. If we can bring him in and a few other astute signings (So not even necessarily big names) we could actually improve despite losing Özil and Alexis.


We won’t improve whilst Wenger is at the helm, if one of those incomings is a Manager alongside Fekir and some astute signings then yes I agree.


I don’t think you can state that as a certainty, he’s got it in him to make us better than we currently are. Because that’s different to believing he has the ability to improve us as much as is needed to challenge for the biggest honours.


I have my doubts as we are no better than 12-13 despite the fact we have top quality players like Sanchez & Ozil in the squad now.


I play him on FIFA. Enjoyable player to play with.