Nabil Fekir


I think Liverpool will cave eventually.


Yup Liverpool will cave like we caved with Lacazette.
Not enough high quality players available at 40-50m


I’m assuming this thread being so quiet means there’s not been much chatter about him moving somewhere?


Would be a great addition - maybe he is crocked? (didn’t he fail medical or something?)


Seemed he passed it but they were “concerned” and tried to lowball Lyon despite agreeing a fee so they killed the deal.

He played 30 league games last season with 28 being starts, think Liverpool knew they were spending a shit ton of money this window and were looking to save where they could and it backfired spectacularly.


Think the keeper situation became a bigger issue and went big on sorting that out. Already had 2 new midfielders and added Shaqiri on the cheap to bolster the bench imo.
Not sure we get too see him in England now.


Roger that… go get him then!


Would gladly swap Laca for Fekir. Cheers big Weng


Well, of course, everyone would. They’re not comparable players in the least, though, and I’m sure even Wenger would swap a healthy Fekir for Lacazette if he could. Fekir naturally will cost double what Laca did if he’s healthy, though.


Would gladly swap Lacazette for Messi. Cheers big Weng.


hahaha, I prefer your response to mine.


It doesn’t seem that unreasonable a thing for sevchenko to have said if you’re coming at it in terms of the fees, given that the 50m odd fee reported isn’t miles apart from what we paid for Lacazette. But yeah, totally different players.


True, tbh I have no idea how Liverpool negotiated such a low fee with Aulas; either way I’m guessing we probably couldn’t get such a fee, if he is even willing to come to us, or if Aulas even would negotiate with us. I guess you could make the argument that we shouldn’t have spent our silver bullet with Lyon/Aulas on Lacazette, but that argument certainly has its problems considering our need for a striker last summer and the state of Fekir’s fitness last summer.


I don’t think the fee was particularly low. It seems in line with what City paid for Mahrez and whilst I’m not asserting that Mahrez is the better player, I don’t think there’s a market to pay much more for an unproven (which he is the grand scheme of things - not that it takes away from his quality) player with fitness concerns.


Yeah, that’s fair enough; I would argue he’s in a different talent bracket than Mahrez but like you said, the fitness concerns are obviously an important factor here.


If you just pay Aulas what he wants I don’t think he would be that unreasonable.

I also thought if was the fitness situation. Liverpool is not even prepared to pay the agreed sum after tests.


Yeh Mahrez is a title winning EPL POTS while Fekir has never played in a real league.


When healthy I don’t think it’s really much of a question which is better. The difference between the PL and France is not as big as you’re making out, even if it’s admittedly not a great league.


The influx of French talent in England has made it also clear that this League has nothing for French players. Mahrez came from Ligue 2.