Nabil Fekir


They’ve always looked to genuinely improve and splash the cash. It’s just this time instead of shopping for Andy Carroll, they’re now shopping for the elite young talents of Europe. The improvements their making with Fabinho, Keita and Fekir are far beyond what any other club will do to upgrade and they’re already clearly no2 in England. They’re building a team that can challenge for both the CL and PL.


I think this is probably right but, if it is, it shows how good they are in the transfer market.
They identify what is going to happen and then find a replacement, arguably better than the out going player, before he has left.

If that was us, we’d sell a player, wait until right at the end of the window to see what bargains are floating about and then buy someone who plays in a different position.



Indeed. That’s my point.


Such good business that :rage:


Liverpool are a much better side than spurs and improving. Spurs dont have Liverpools pull or cash and thats the team I think we should be aiming to displace.
Know they finished a place ahead of Liverpool but that was a bit down to Liverpools european run imo.


Fuck that. He forgot to mention van Dijk and Chamberlain?! They were bought with the Coutinho money.


They haven’t bought Fekir yet.


I think with Liverpool’s massive midfield overhaul, Spurs also need to add some much needed components to theirs or they may suffer. Squad hasn’t been sufficiently tweaked properly in two seasons now I think?

Even if our business this summer isn’t amazing, a full season with a fully functioning attack and hopefully a more stoic defense under Unai’s stewardship, we should be looking to be too 4 contenders too.


Sounds like his history with injuries might be an issue. Something could have shown up in the medical.



Hahahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Imagine if we took him instead and he then helps us destroy them…oh it would be glorious!


Liverpool’s turning point was when they shit on us with the Suarez deal. Effectively knocking us down to our current Europa League level. That deal gets done and we might be in a much different world right now.


The Scousers are not lucky these says. Love it!


Imagine we pay £53m for him and his knee explodes… it would be glorious… for Liverpool fans :mustafi:


:joy::joy::joy: This must hurt Liverpool fans a lot haha


the salty tears feed us and keep us warm :stuck_out_tongue: haha, but in all seriousness if that was us we would be fucking wanting to kill someone in the club.


I’m pretty sure this will get done eventually.


Why? A shit knee is a shit knee. And knowing Lyons CEO right he wont tolerate a price reduction.


But Liverpool are not gonna offer them a lot of money now.