Nabil Fekir


Nah, Liverpool did. It’s kinda my point. At one point, Liverpool looked odds on to finish 2nd. This 'overwhelming superiority" they have over us can be undone in the short space of a year, in my opinion


That win was at the time unbeaten city though.


They also lost 5-0 to City in the reverse fixture, got their arses handed to them by Spurs at Wembley and still can’t work out a way to beat a defensively minded Manchester United home or away. That’s pretty telling, too


They’ve come from 8th place 2 years ago to a CL final.

I think it’s safe to say they’re making progress.


We just ignoring the CL run in this too. Plus at City they had 10 men for an hour. They then beat city home and away in europe.


Far be it for me to dismiss it entirely, but it is a cup game. You’re judged on a 38 game season. I’m not being churlish but Liverpool went out of the FA Cup at home to West Brom. We can’t read too much into cup games.

Further extending my point about Liverpool’s performances, they only actually recorded 2 wins against the other teams in the top 6. They (Liverpool) did the business against the smaller teams. Further proof that under Emery we have to prepare to win away from home. Even if we just do that much, we’ll record enough wins to finish above Liverpool.


CL isnt just a cup competition though is it. Im hopeful to be pushing for a top 4 slot too. Your making out though like Liverpool have maxed out now. Think by their transfer business their far from settling for top 4 only.


Your also dismissing that Liverpool have added 3 top quality players to their squad this summer, they have gone from having an average midfield to one of the better ones in Europe.


Best in Europe I would not go that far. They have not kicked a ball yet so how are they the best?


Mate, they gonna win the Prem, World Cup and the super bowl next season i tell ya.


He said “one of the better” not “best”, subtle distinction tbf


Where did I say best ?


Ill hold off on all the waxing lyrical over Liverpool. They are in a better place than us right now no doubt but to me they are us a few years ago.

Great going forward but arse in defence. Take out Salah and put him in our team and all if a sudden its a different picture. In his own he’s worth 10-15 points a season the form he has been in this year has been simply astonishing and on many an occasion breathtaking…

There are some good and valid points about transfers but also some validity in what is being defended about the club as well.

There is not much difference between 2-6 in the league at the moment, Mourinho, Klopp,Conte,MP and Wengers teams all have lacked conviction and been flaky during the season. We got found out first as we lacked any grit at the core, and flesh on the bones with constant injuries. You need this to win away as well as home and we (and to be fair the others in the 2-6 did later) were just so far behind city this season. They had an astonishing season and their wealth just gives so many choices and options the others don’t.

That said, no team is invincible (except of course Wengers Invincibles we all know and love) and City can be done with pressing high tempo and/or bustagut footie. There defence does look iffy as well when they come up against top quality as shown in europe and by the aforementioned Scousers.

To me - 2-6 and I include Man U as fucks knows what that dickead Mourinho is up to ( I smell another player revolt soon btw Jose), are going to be someway off City again. However with a bit more George Graham and less Arsene Wenger I don’t doubt we could rise again. And I don’t mean that in a bad way to AW but taking on Pepe at tikki takka with buckets of cash regardless of how good your are at that style yourself is only going to end one way unless you have bottomless pit of money as well a FFP be damned.

We need to brush out the flakies such as Jack, Welbs and put a rocket up the arse of our germans and say time to stand up or fuck off (as we know you can do it!!) Tactics and tactical awareness need to be this seasons buzzwords and like Gandalf says “You shall not pass…” our Mantra. Pressing all the time without the ball is a must as well and if I could choose an example I’d point to Athletico Madrid and their mentality and rise.

Will Unai be our ‘singular’ saviour…??

Can Emery be the ‘board’ for us to spring from??

Did you see what i ‘did’ there??

Gonna be fun finding out!



Can’t wait for our squad to hit super Saiyan levels next year.

Now I don’t think Emery is an astoundingly good manager (id love for him to prove me wrong) and I don’t think many of us do, but I feel he is a damn sight better than Wenger was and will get so much more out of these players.

To coin a Wenger classic, they will all ‘be like new signings’ only this time it’ll be true.

e.g. Iwobi 20 goal/assist season incoming next year :henry2:

Liverpool are doing good business, but imo what’s holding us back from top 4 more than anything was Arsenal themselves rather than any other side being that much greater.

It’s not like the squad performed to their potential risk and lost to better teams, it’s that these guys underachieved like mad and stunk up the place.


Or Salah?


Think their was talk that Mané was as good as done to Madrid with Zidane still there. Him leaving has kind of thrown a spanner in the works.

Fekir is a good buy though. Liverpool have changed their whole approach with transfers recently and are buying proven quality. No more Lamberts or Allens.

There’s talk of them even going for Oblak! Imagine that spine, effectively challenging City for the title.


Yet another signing Liverpool have made that i’m jealous of. I wish the rule of them only being allowed to buy Southampton players hadn’t been lifted.

They reached a CL final, do they rest on their laurels? Nope, they replace the entire midfield with far superior players. That’s how it’s done.

It’s annoying. There is no excuse for us to be this far behind them – both on and off the pitch.


Even if the signings they are making result in glorious failure at least they are genuinely fucking trying to improve.


Mane is quality player but is he Real Madrid standard?


Nah I don’t think so, be nothing more than a squad player at Real Madrid IMO.