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Not really, but can’t be bothered to have the least bit of delicacy with ignorance posing as worldliness and on top of it having the balls to continue disputing a fact, it’s really astonishing. Once again, do some research folks, I’ll leave it at that.



You sounds like my mate who will swear blind that the Earth is flat :slight_smile:

“Do some research man!”


You impudent fuck


I thought Cuellar was joking but he’s properly pissed off at this :arteta:


Why can’t you provide one simple link to prove your fact to shut down the discussion? That would be the easiest way rather than urging people to do some research.


I see there is a new war going on :mustafi:



I want to exercise my right to ask for this pendejo to not be banned for this. I mean letting him further embarrass himself is the bigger punishment.


I will agree to this only if I can give him a custom user title that says “impudent fuck”

If on the offchance he enjoys that and wears it as a badge of honour, I reserve the right to change it to “impotent fuck”


It’s the new academic standard, instead of referencing a point with different evidences and debating the issue, just say ‘do some research, I won’


Look at me im winning an argument that has fck all to do with the topic in question !! You bitches need to start acting right :rofl: back on topic !!


Thread of the year when @Mysty gets back.

Right @Mysty?? @Mysty Mystyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :santi:


Mysty is gone elec. Let him go :wink:




Is Kike reliable in your opinion?


Not usually, but he has been on it recently!

Rumours are Raul have given frauds like Kike and Balague inside knowledge of Arsenal.

Still don’t think this will happen though.


Hahaa I thought something might be actually happening in this thread when I saw 50 replies since I last checked it.


The short answer is because there isn’t a single link that shows this, and that it shouldn’t be necessary, and it’s honestly hilarious in the first place that a bunch of non-spanish speakers are debating the point with a spanish person who actually makes his living in linguistics. It’s as if I started debating the nuances of the English electoral system with a career in English politics. You can read about acquisition of foreign sounds after the age of more or less puberty…it happens that the spanish r is one of the hardest to replicate for foreigners, and that the scots are the ones who have the closest ability to replicate it like a native does.

A bunch of ignorant smart asses took what is a factual statement, then, to try and make what is an obvious statement–that the broad overarching idea of the ‘trilled r’ exists in many languages, what worldliness to know about the existence of the overarching concept of the trilled r :joy:. Here’s a badge for them, lol, they can pat themselves on the back. In short, @Gladiator was being a dumb cunt trying to challenge me and got caught out and just continued acting like the dumb cunt he is, and @Jules was just straight talking out of his ass, lol…cause of course, a translator in a cosmopolitan city will never meet any Hungarians, Croatians, or people from Arabic speaking nations speaking in Spanish :joy: Basically, people making themselves look like asses but since every single one of them are ignorant asses they don’t realise it…was waiting for someone sensible to come into the discussion but then they’ve pretty much all been driven away by the quality of posting/poster on this forum.

Here’s a decent article that goes into it, in spanish: https://elpais.com/elpais/2017/01/09/icon/1483955123_763818.html

Just because you don’t realise how embarrassing the shite you talk is, and the people around you don’t, doesn’t mean it’s not embarrassing. Ignorance when surrounded by ignorance is never embarrassing to those concerned, but when someone who isn’t ignorant happens upon it, the game’s up. I’m glad you’ve found your comfort zone though :+1: