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You’re wrong. The only people capable of pronouncing the spanish r are us native Spanish speakers. You are talking out of your ass, you just don’t know it for whatever reason. Again, do research, inform yourself, and then you will know the difference between talking out of your ass and not, you impudent fuck.


Actually it’s you who are wrong. Spanish isn’t the only language that will ‘roll’ their r’s. The exact same tonal technique can be found in Hungarian, Thai, Italian and Czech.


You’re wrong considerably more than you are right so I’m not entirely sure you’re best placed to be telling anybody they’re talking out of their ass.


Torn between getting the banhammer out and watching Abou further embarrass himself


He’s about to :slight_smile:


These statements are not incompatible. Once again, the way the spanish r is pronounced is not done in any other language. Other language have forms of rolling their r’s bu it’s not the same pronunciation, hence why people from these nations can’t roll the spanish r like a native.

It’s amazing how people will talk from a place of ignorance and continue to insist they’re right. You lot have a lot of balls/obviously are not interested in reading what I’m actually saying and just being smart asses. Especially gladiator of course who is talking the most shite.

This should read: I disagree with you more than I am right. You’ve been talking loads of shit over recent months so funny this coming from you, just because you happen to spew the same line of shit as Gladiator most of the time.


There are like 10 thousand languages or variant of languages.
Surely there would be some language where Rs are rolled


It really is.


Okay, keep telling yourself that, and telling it to a spanish linguist, lol. Come to Spain and listen to someone from those countries try to pronounce a spanish r. You guys are arguing with a fact, it’s really quite astonishing. Once again, inform yourselves before you talk shite.




Your language is different. Your accent is different. Your rolling of the r’s isn’t.

It’s really not that hard to understand.

Ok, I’m done @Leper :slight_smile:


It’s just a letter, lads.



Well, even if that were true–that statement isn’t, it needs to be corrected, but I can’t be arsed–that doesn’t in any way contradict what I’ve said, hence why I quoted myself.* So once again, it’s really not that hard to understand that Gladiator and all of you are just being smart asses and trying to contradict statements of fact that I’ve made.

*Here, I’ll do it again, and see if you can sort it out yourselves:


Yes, it’s definitely us who are trying to be smart asses :slight_smile:


Well yeah, it is, because I’m the one who made a statement of fact and Gladiator is the silly impudent cunt that called it an uneducated statement, when he is in fact the uneducated one.


@AbouCuellar is so triggered rn :joy:


How many Hungarian, Thai, Italian and Czech peoples have you analysed to come to this conclusion?


Less than 1 :slight_smile:


Can we close this damn thread… it is totally useless at this point and it seems Banega ain’t happening.


We can, but I don’t think we will.