(N)Everrrrr Banega


Best way to learn a language and been said many a time is to get into the sack with one of girls (or boys) and hence why a Catholic country like Spain might be an issue.

My advice would be to learn Dutch. There have many atheists and knowing Dutch people they will let you know if your in straight away so your learning curve will be steep…:+1:

And if your trying to learn English and want to use this to help… do stay away from people from Manchester. Nothing to do with language learning - just a general piece of advice.


Would make no sense if he signed here whilst Ramsey is still at the club, if we sign Torreira. Because he would end up on the bench with limited play time like what happened at Internazionale. And went back to Sevilla…I think this is a move of his agent to get more money out of them.

Edit; he had more playing time there that I at first thought.




I have just started. I could google translate that but eh whats the fun in that?

Very badly. I have speech defect and double r is undoable for me. so wanted to use perra on someone but can’t


It’s hard for everyone, we learn that as kids maybe at 5, 6 or 7 y/o. There’s a simple trick we use, here is it explained better than I could do. We try over and over until we finally get it and that’s that.

Back on topic, fuck Banega.


Thread needs locking. He’s staying at Sevilla


Bollocks. He was desperately to go back only one year ago.


He’ll still exist though so we’ll probably leave it open.


Catholic country like Spain, heh.

Go to Albacete and you’ll find more “”“Catholic”"" girls down to fuck per square meter than anywhere in Europe. Pretty much the same in South America. Like @feche said, spanish is difficult because the r is pronounced that way doesn’t exist in any other language, except somewhat in scottish. Hence why someone from another country in England or America can live there for 40 years and be confused for a native but the reverse phenomenon can’t really occur in a spanish speaking country.


Uneducated statement alert.


Actually it’s a well known feature of the Scottish language


Quite the opposite, feel free to do a bit of research smart ass.


Well there is no language called “Scottish”, so on that level it’s slightly uneducated. But I don’t think this is what Glads was talking about


True, but there is Scottish Gaelic. Which is spoken in some parts of Scotland


Yeah I’m aware of Gaelic, but there is no language called Scottish and if Abou was referring to Gaelic I’ll eat my proverbial hat.



All these rumours are nothing/fake news basically. Banega might leave Sevilla, they will have talks about his future etc. etc.


He’s not leaving. Simples.


Unlike yourself I don’t have the habit of talking out of my arse so I obviously know something about it if I challenged you on it. The way r is pronounced in Spanish does exist in other languages.


Especially after he desperately wanted to go back last season.