(N)Everrrrr Banega

Seems there is something to these Banega rumours

The new man ITK Kike has said.

Now what kind of guy is Banega?

Well here’s a video of him wanking. DEFINITELY NSFW. @Calum especially may get whipped if he even looks at his phone, let alone checking Banega’s shot.

His injury record is certainly something:

After leaving training Ever went to fill up his car - only to depart the petrol station in an ambulance. The playmaker failed to set his handbrake after parking and the car subsequently rolled backwards, trapped his foot, and broke his ankle and leg in the process.

The car related problems didn’t stop there:

The 24-year-old watched his car set on fire in July after a problem with the circuiting.

Turning in a great performance against Barcelona whole intoxicated you say? (#RIPWilsh)

Then, just as he was finding some rhythm for his club the reports of him turning up to training late and drunk appeared. He would go on to score and deliver a brilliant performance against Barcelona less than 72 hours later

As I see it, this signing addresses a huge area of the squad that had been made open recently; the banter.

I still think surely we have enough midfielders with Torreira coming in, so surely this is a non starter but let’s see.

Being serious, I’d rather they focus on another CB ready for the first team and a winger.

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The top tweet implies Emery now favours Banega over Torreira, not sure if that is likely to be honest

Think that’s a shitty Google translation, means Torreira been signed, now he’s turned his attention to Banega.

At least I hope so, I’ll go full AbouCuellar on Emery if he decides on Banega over Torreira.


Do we really need Banega?

Is he even that good?

Ah you might be right. I think it can be interpreted in many ways but I think Kike means that now Torreira s practically signed we are focusing on Banega.

Would be a stupid signing if it was to happen

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haha you think your funny @Electrifying eh. This better not become a running joke on here ffs :joy:

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Too late it already has :arteta:


Can’t see us buying two CM’s.

It’ll be Torriera and we done.

Do we even need two CMs?

Torreira, Elneny, Ramsey, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles.

That’s 5 for 2 spots, I think that’s decent cover. Unless Emery doesn’t want to play Ramsey as a CM ever at all for any amount of time.

Nah, too many cooks spoil the broth.

I don’t think we need two, although we don’t have a CM that can replicate Ramsey’s output when he inevitably breaks down here and there.

We definitely need one more midfielder.
I don’t trust Ramsey to have a disciplined roll and be the distributor that the side requires in the midfield.

Ramsey’s legs like exploding a couple of times per season too.

I really don’t think we should be signing this guy going by the overall opinion of him. Would like a Dahoud type of signing instead.

The tweet says that after/despite having the Torreira signing practically done, Emery prefers Banega to him.

Anyways, Kike doesn’t know shit.

One day he’s capable of being prime Xavi The next match he’s worse than Denilson. Has ALL THE TALENT IN THE WORLD but he’s an idiot. Period. I’ve been wanting an Argentinian at Arsenal for years but this dude? NO WAY. He’s an AM playing more deep cause his inexisting pace, agility, or dribbling. The problem with him playing deep is he doesn’t have any tactical awareness. A very good passer, maybe some long shot and that’s that. I hate him. And you would too.

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Should still start over the geriatric Biglia in your next game though, right?!

Ramsey aint a cm though. But you are right i think we are well stacked in them positions.

What’s Ramsey if not a CM? lol

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Thank god no. We’re going Football Manager edition tomorrow.

Mercado Otamendi Tagliafico
Salvio Mascherano Pérez Acuña
Messi Pavon

In my opinion he is an excellent player and dare I say it when hes on top form - he is world class. Pep, Mancini, Enrique, Emery, Berizzo and the Spanish media have said as much in the past and he has chilled as he has gotten a little wiser. Both stints at Seville he has been outstanding and runs the midfield with an high energy running and tackling, crisp accurate passing and has a brain +2 seconds ahead of most players. If you watch Seville against Liverpool or Seville vs Man U more recently - Banega was the one pulling them apart. Barca were really after him when Enrique was there but he had a verbal agreement in place to join Inter and Inter were chuffed but he hated Italy and returned to Seville and started ripping it up.

Negative is he is a madman. And I mean from the sextapes to the car to the parties (though this was more in his early days.) He does have a cuntish side to him as well and can get sent of for stupid reasons every now and then, and he is also not fantastic in the air as he is no giant… He also just as likely to scream and shove his own player if he thinks he’s not performing and he will lead by example and run and run and run.

If we are going to play 4-2-3-1 we might see Unai going for another high energy technically sound ball winning option and this guy fits the bill. He has already worked well with Emery and in the system sitting in a two in front of the midfield and he also has the talent to play in the 10 or anywhere across the midfield as an option. He’s an known quantity with Emery who has already man managed him and got him to be a fantastic player so this changes it a little to me.

Without Unai this might not be such a good idea - but if we are talking about an on form Banega mixing it with the likes of Pierre, Ozil, Mik, Ramsey et all - this should get any Gooner dribbling…

We need big players and as they say in the Spanish media - Banega is always Big…

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AM, CF, or winger. He is better without the ball than with it. Poor passing and average ball controle. Amazing engine and great attacking runs. Think Unai will deploy him as AM or winger this season as he doesnt suit as a cm in his system of two holding players.