(N)Everrrrr Banega


Who’s Perez, he any good?


That’s a positive thing

Make Arsenal mental!


Stop it, he’s a CM.

b2b to be precise.


Yea and Bendtner is a RW


Come on now Darkseid.
Ramsey has been more inclined to attacking side of his game than defensive.

He has the capability, attributes to be B2B but he has not played like one since ages now.

A B2B midfielder has a more balanced contribution on both aspect of the game.


Ramsey helps put plenty defensively as a b2b should.

He does both sides, not sure why you’re acting like this is new.

I suppose Lampard wasn’t a CM either, neither was Gerrard.


A CM in a 4-2-1-3 wants to dictate the tempo of the game and be available for the ball at all times. Ramsey aint that kinda player. Ramsey wants score goals, make attacking runs and create space for the attackers. It will destroy the system to have him playing as a cm i this formation.


You have a narrow definition of what a CM is.

Ramsey is a CM, the fact he gets forward is moot.


Maybe I recall him often leaving his post & being in right wing, leaving a huge gap in middle with Xhaka(the slow fuck) alone to fend off opposition midfield


So, that means he’s not a CM? He times his runs that’s a what a CM of his type is all about.


If that’s all you do for whole of the game, eventually you will have plenty of timed runs but also plenty of gaps as well.

He is not as mature as Lampard.

I guess the forum forgot about the days when we accussed him of being indiscipline.


Its not the point. The point is the he plays NOTHING like a cm. All his attributes are suited further up the pitch. If you stick ramsey at cm he wont change hus antics, as we have seen the last 4 years.


Thought the discussion was about B2B


He’s shown plenty of discipline this season and always contributes defensively, it’s strange to say he doesn’t do both sides of the game.

Still not seeing how he’s not a CM despite getting forward.





He’s supposedly not a CM according to @LordBendtner


I believe he means not for the system we are going to use or to compliment the set of players we have.


Im just sayin that his attributes suits a more attacking role and not one of a CM in Emerys system. Im convinced Emery intend to deploy him further up the pitch aswell, therefore he shouldnt be counted as a CM option. Thats all.


The banter if someone from the PL was caught on camera wanking :slight_smile:


I think the player has denied there’s been any contact

Yes because of the the fact that they’re all shit except for Terreira and Ramsey who plays as CF. Anyway reminds me of this post on another forum:

I don’t see how he is a better talent than Song, Ramsey, Lansbury, Frimpong, Coquelin, JET, etc.