(N)Everrrrr Banega


I spoke to the Spanish guy down my local shop, and even he said your argument was, and I quote, a steaming pile of bullshit.




Credible SAUCE this.




Probably my favourite off topic discussion ever this :joy:


Well he does speak fluent Spanish, Italian and English :slight_smile:


Not fluent Scottish though so he’s really not placed to have an opinion.


He is a drunk though. Does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t mind me


Ahem, yes there are. Wikipedia comes quite handy.

Now this last block of quotes only lists the languages that have the exact same r as the ‘spanish’, while that sound is also present in a much longer list of languages that UnaiCuellar claims don’t exist, albeit the formation of the sound may be built in a different way.

Back to your original statement, your whole argument is based on and consequently backed by argumentation that Spanish is difficult for languages that don’t possess that sound, however it is quite easy to replicate for native speakers of languages that have the same sound or similar, which by the way are a lot, including myself. All you can do is revolve around English, German, French, Japanese and pretend all other languages = English, so English speakers can’t really speak Spanish.

You stupid ignorant pendejo.





Now this is OA back to it’s motherfucking best.


So disappointed. 66 new posts and its all pointless drivel about spanish R’s. Just thought we had signed BaneGOD ffs ! :bellerin:


Welcome to OA


Thanks mate. I love it so far. So many types of posters :sunglasses:


And posterrerrerrres…


Don’t forget to roll those r’s :henry2:


Except I never did this. What I said was:

You’ve still not understood the point, but wanna be smart asses will be wanna be smart asses.

Love that you think that you’re somehow providing new information :joy: . I’d love to hear you pronounce the spanish r and be confused for a native, you certainly must be a new phenomenon not yet documented! Please, come to Spain, you can be a phenomenon Gladiator, oh special one! :joy:

By the way, you also still haven’t realised you’ve looked at a wikipedia article that isn’t even talking about the spanish r, but rather the /rr/…again, much congrats for realising that the overarching idea of the trilled r exists in a number of languages, enjoy your imaginary smart ass badge and please do for your own good stop making an absolute ass of yourself, because you’re talking utter shite and it’s pretty hilarious!