(N)Everrrrr Banega


If he signs the contract you’ll have your answer.

The fact the club will try and tie him down says it all.


What do you think the reason for the delay is?


Lets wait and see. Nothing is confirmed yet.


It’s the agent thing isn’t it?


Last minute dot com then as window is closing they’ll announce it


Cant see the point of building a team around a dude who cant keep fit to safe his life. His hammies are made of celery ffs :expressionless:


I suspect that is a factor too. Getting quite concerned


It smells more and more like Unai wants this fella. Wouldnt be a bad option to have i guess, but will he really accept a bit part role?



Was waiting for him to explain the hate side…


Local news usually very reliable


Would be happy if we went into the new season with Ramsey, Toreira, Banega, Elneny and Xhaka as our midfield options. With AMN as our young option.


I don’t see Banega leaving Seville. He and his family seem very settled there.


Stalker !



Indeed. He even went back after just 1 year at Inter.


Learning Spanish and I finally understand why they pronounce Sevilla as Seviya.

No wonder it was David Viya as well.


How you doin’ with the double R? That’s the breaking point for the language. And also kudos for learning, it’s the most difficult language to learn. Not even mention the number of verbs but one simple word has a different meaning in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and México, all at once.


Spanish isn’t even in the top 10 of hardest languages to learn :slight_smile:


Como es das me gusta la chicka la player uno por favor