(N)Everrrrr Banega


Probably his agent trying to drum up some buzz around his player.

If we sign Banega Ramsey is gone.


Why would he be in trouble he just signed a new contract with a view that Emery wants to utilise him and work with him.


We need quite a good depth for once, tbh. Only Wilshere is leaving.


He did but Banega responded by upping his game big style and made his name first on the sheet.




Nice article here. As said he’s not just a Santi who will boss the midfield he is just as comfortable in deep midfield and gets right in there.

He will need convincing though as he’s been playing top level european footie and looked very comfortable there. If he comes he has to start and he will want to be right at the heart tactically conducting us. But so he should be and to not let him would be daft - its what he does brilliantly.

If we see him next to LT in front of a back four next season I’d be happy as I think (based around what I have heard and seen of LT and I’m by no an expert on the fella) - they would be excellent replacements for Santi and Jack…


Emery is known for the 2 man midfield paring and he’s never known to willingly utilise a DLP, which leads me to think Xhaka isn’t going to be a key piece if we sign another midfielder

Man I feel bad for Arsenal fans who have been conditioned by Wenger’s nonsensical approach to contracts and squad management. Maybe we want to extended to protect a £30m+ investment and prevent the club from being in weak position in the near future.

Signing a new deal is no indication of consistent playing time has been offered. Jack was offered a new deal despite Emery indicating he’ll have a limited role. No one is expecting Elneny or AMN to start despite signing new deals, they’ll have roles though.

All what ive just said could be moot if Emery is intending to play a 3 man midfield. Which I hope is totally wrong and he sticks with the 4-2-3-1


Would have been stupid to get Banega above Torreira. Don’t any reliable source linking us to Banega though.


He is already a starting player and has received long term contract. It doesn’t make sense that would be done to ‘protect the investment’. Why didn’t they use the same pragmatism with Wilshere than and not told him his minutes would be limited? That’s ~20 million pounds through the toilet right there. For a player who wanted to sign a cheap contract too.

You are overestimating this new regime. Xhaka will be starting, initially.


I’m not saying anything here I’m theorising as to why we have, if any, interest in Banega. I have acknowledged my theory could is moot

Your desperation to stick it to the new people at any opportunity is evident


By adjusting my expectations I feel like I’m giving the new regime actually a fair chance. This new trio can be very well considered a success if they achieve what I suspect they will/can.

Your notion that keeping Xhaka is some sort of pragmatic financial move (whilst sticking it to Wenger a bit) if we’re interested in Banega is just wrong imo. It could very well mean Ramsey is off. If the interest is real in the first place.


Kike is just talking shit and equivocating like the typical bullshitter on twitter that he is. The language in his tweet is only interpretable in one way. But since it was bullshit in the first place it’s not surprising if he tells his pal something else to cover his arse more.


Fair enough. I’m scared this club will make that kind of boneheaded move, and will be until Torreira is on our website with the shirt on.

Bit his interview today does seem to indicate that it’s all done but Torreira doesn’t want to make any kind of official announcement until Uruguay’s world cup is over.


Which maybe true, but how reliable is:

I actually think we need 2 midfielders because how weak we are in that position. Ramsey is always injured and maybe off. Xhaka is often poor and needs to be benched if he isn’t performing. Elneny and Maitland Niles aren’t good enough for any top team and should only fill in when needed.



Hope he doesn’t replace Torreira.


Have we sold him already ffs?


There are two scenario’s to think off were we buy both Torreira and Banega; either Ramsey is not going to extent his contract or Ozil will be a winger under Unai Emery and five midfielders will not be enough for 50 games.


Read that Emery wants to build the team around Ramsey.


Hopefully its fake news