(N)Everrrrr Banega


I don’t know. He was great at Seville 2 years ago, but now he looks past it.


I would take him but it would be an extremely poor deal to pay anything more than £10m for this guy


He has had a good season at Seville and along with Nzonzi has been there standout player

I think he has an 20 mil euro release clause which I think is fine for his talents but I personally would consider spending more and get Nzonzi.


Different player though ,now that we’ve got Torreira getting Nzonzi is a bit redundant.


Disagree - though I follow your thinking.

Torreira gets injured and we have no DMC and we need two due to the formation. Sure Granit could fill in but hes not a DMC and Elneny though a good allrounder in the centre is not either. Sure Ramsey will be further forward and AMN though a good prospect is no DMC either.

Torreira will not sort the dm side up on his own.


To me it’s just too many players ideally it would be great to have both, however, we’ve got too play and develop Torreira and also give someone like Nzonzi solid game time.

He ins’t coming here to ride the bench to play in the Europa league.


So who plays in the DMC positions then in front of the back two? Torreira and who? And if he gets injured what then?


Will probably be Elneny or Xhaka.

It’ll be makeshift as hell.


Banega typically played the most attacking midfield position in Emery’s system, whether you call that the 10 or the most attacking midfielder in a three man midfield.

If we sign Banega, it means either Ramsey or Ozil is being sold IMO because both of them are really best fit for the same role.

I don’t see Ramsey playing either of the deeper lying CM spots in an Emery set up, except perhaps against the weakest opponents. Those players need to be highly positionally disciplined and tactically aware to make the system work. They can’t be charging up into the box at every opportunity to play striker.


Nobody has really woken up to the fact Ramsey hasn’t signed a new deal yet. We know the club are proactive behind the scenes wrt contracts, the ball is in Ramsey’s court


as @Darkseid says Ramsey aint a CM.


Wasn’t it you that said that? :joy:



I would be pretty happy selling Ramsey (probably getting a good fee given his recent form), buying Banega relatively cheaply to back up Ozil, and then using the profits to help fund a young winger like Pavon/Martial/Lozano that can inject some dynamism into our wide play.




Well according to Kike (massive, truckload amounts of salt for all of us here), he wants him instead of Torreira.


Seems this has legs


it doesn’t make sense though, as Emery tried shifting Banega out while at Sevilla


Guess he would replace Xhaka in the starting line-up.


Banega Ramsey



AM Ozil/Ramsey

CDM Banega Torreira

If we do sign another Midfielder it either means we’re going to a 3 or Xhaka is in big trouble


Why re-up his contract?

If it’s a three surely it’ll be Torreira, Xhaka and Ramsey (if he’s still here) don’t see the Banega link coming to fruition.