(N)Everrrrr Banega


Just in case anyone had high hopes for the summer, i’m here to ruin your moment and tell you the mediocrity is here to stay


Somebody make sure Emery only has money to buy defenders and nobody else.


I like him as a player however the combination of age/contract with Sevilla means we’ll be chewing through a substantial portion of our transfer fund.

I’d be absolutely fine chucking £30M-£50M on a young, talented CM if that’s a position we’re seriously considering, mind.


Dear lord… the idea was kind of interesting if we got him for nothing or something, but spending our transfers and wages on another old player is just… not exciting.

Go get Kai Havertz damn it =)

Put in a sneaky bid for Youri Tielemans - our CM sorted for a decade with those two plus Torry.


Got to let Emery build his team, he can’t be criticised until then, by year 4 he should have his team and then we can judge.


Banega’s such a baller but why the fuck didn’t we just bring him in this summer. It’s not like Emery wasn’t at the club long enough to have some sort of impact on our summer signings.


Happy if he wanted him this winter to get us to CL, but absolutely no interest in the Summer, come on. Ramsey’s replacement is going to be a guy that’s 31 in June?


Ok, he is not a wc signing, but maybe he is finally gonna be a player who suits Emery’s sistem.

Hvaing said that, we haven’t to pay him a lot.


We need to look for younger talent that has the potential to grow given the state of our squad, if people can’t see that then I don’t really know what to say tbh.


Of course people can see that. I don’t think there’s anybody on this board who doesn’t want that?


so we want to spend money on a player that is younger maybe not ready so people can say emery got it wrong and he was stupid because he only has another year on his contract he should have gotten a player he knew that was ready made. He potentially goes for that option which will not cost the earth either and it is like ‘what are we going for a stop gap player we should be looking toward the future’ he cant win.

There is not really anything concrete on this either it could just be the press trying to wind fans up.

We cant go too much for the future because we need to get back into the CL asap you cant do that with too many raw players you need players that can get shit done now. There is no reason why we cannot get both even some from our youngsters like ESR and Willock.


Ever Banega?


The one positive for me if Emery goes down the ready made path is, if he hasn’t got us back in the CL after 2 seasons with that direction, surely that’ll be the end of his tenure here.


Looks like this is a dictatorship under Chairman Raul, so Emery’s future is probably down solely to whether he likes him which it sounds like he does.

Also if the squad is still wank there’s a ready made excuse.


Raul seems like a shocking fit for a club like us, apparently his strength is all his contacts which seems like it’s only an advantage if you’re at a club that are willing to pay big transfer fees for players.


Time will tell. The idea that he’s a contacts wheeler dealer type seems overblown tbh

I’ve like what he’s said and done so far in his role. This summer is leave a big impression


We can have both Banega and Havertz, as they play in a different role. Hopefully we can bin Xhaka in the summer.


I rather some FM merchant scout for us than our whole scouting team & Emery at this moment.
I swear I got more things right using soccermanager forums than Arsenal have done in last 6-7 years.


I remember in FM2011 getting James Rodriguez, Lukaku and Otamendi combined for less than 20mill.

Oh and I also bought Yaya Sanogo from Auxerre for peanuts who turned into a beast haha


Fuck he’s 31 in June?

If he is a cheap as hell £10m signing then I guess the experience in CM would be handy.

But we should stay away if the transfer fees and salaries being rumoured are true. Spend that money on a player with potential and resale value. That’s the game we got to play now.