(N)Everrrrr Banega


Aren’t you paying attention? If anything that’s what we only ever have money for these days :bellend:


He’ll be 31 before he plays for us, should it happen and frankly that’s all I care about @Calum


Haha just saw an opportunity to use the Jackson Martinez joke again


Arteta was a good signing and he was around the same age wasn’t he? If the plan is get some experienced players who can fill in until our youth players shine then i’m down. They must think our future midfield is Torreira and Guendouzi. We are back to relying on organic growth fellas what can ya do?


But if we’re interested in signing him in January, he’s 30. That’s not really up for debate.


How can we sign him in Jan when we can only afford loan deals ? :thinking:


You don’t understand fractions


He is closer to 31 than he is to 30. That’s a fact


But who is disputing that lol


He’s 30 until he turns 31 that’s how it works.


This isn’t the 80’s, where players are practically finished when they hit 30.


Ronaldo is 33 and just scored 44 goals in 44 apps and some of them were absolute bonkers goals. Even Messi is 31 and just scored 45 in 54 and looks agile as a fucking panther.


The thing with the January window is I always wonder if it will actually be a 3-year contract and will it end in January 2022?! It’s more likely to be a 2,5-year contract which is fair enough.


Ok back to being serious are we? The article says we can’t sign him in Jan because of FFP and we’d plan on signing him in the summer.

And he’d be 31 then but closer to 31 than 32, that’s a fact


Arteta was 29 although Banega does look in better shape. I can’t see us going for a 31yo on a 3 year deal but you never know.


They are unmatched even in fitness. You can’t expect regular players to achieve even 20% of their productivity


Is he on a free in the summer? Otherwise, we should not be signing 30+ year olds unless they are GK, and even then I don’t very much see the point unless it is end of career back-up type deal.

We really need to reload and start a bit of a youth movement. I get the need to have a few older heads in there to balance, but our squad situation is tragic if you look at assets we can sell, age, and top tier quality inventory…


He left Inter after just one season because he missed Seville. Now he already wants out :roll_eyes:


Dude doesn’t want to come to The Arsenal and the Premier League, reuniting with his old coach and you just highball him so he can’t say no? Are you mad?


No he isn’t, he’d be a reduced fee due to having 1 year left on his contract. The whole thing sounds like agent talk to extend his current deal imo