Mohamed Salah

I am not a big fan of Salah but come one. This is 100% for clicks and attention. Gotta do what you gotta do to pay the electricity bills.

Nah, Leegunner is genuinely this stupid lol


:ozil: :arteta:

he can’t be any worse then that Rory guy, the Chelsea fan

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Eto’o 2.0

Because you can’t do what he does.


Yeah just looked at his career. He was at Porto for 6 years. That’s a big enough stage to get noticed if you have “it”


pure jealousy

274 appearances for Liverpool 170 G / 68 A, okay mate.

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Me thinking “well at least Salah’s having a shit season now” and I look it up and he’s on 14 goals in 20 apps



he needs to go vincent aboubakar in hiding

Yeah, he scored even when he was not playing well.
His form took a turn now

We did our best to give him a revival today. For so long in the first half he was looking like he has done most of the season then he sparked into life after they got one back and looked a lot more like his old self bar the penalty miss.


Prime Salah scores a hatrick today.


Game raising cnt !?

Tbf, Salah was never that clinical.
One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard from Liverpool fans, even at his peak was that he tends to waste chances. However, his best quality is that does manage to find himself in these situations and spaces to find chances so he does eventually find the back of the net.


to see how he control the long pass to him amused me.

Anyone know how many goals he’s scored against us?
Didn’t he get one at Chelsea while he was there as well?

9 goals in 13 (League)

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