Mohamed Salah

Supposedly washed according to some.

19 G 10 A in the league for 29 goal contributions with 2 games to play.

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he looked like he fell off at one point but it just must have been a mini blip

Numbers look good but they flatter to deceive quite a bit, before the beginning of April he was on 10 goals for the season turned it on since then and stat padded quite well within the last month but he shouldn’t be getting in team of the season over our guys.

Same goes for TAA was on 2 assists at the start of April now on 8, now stat padding to make it look respectable.

he’s looked way better since the much needed position change

Won’t be stat padding if they somehow steal 4th.

I don’t think they will hence me calling it stat padding lol

Be a shambles if they get 4th, they were about 12 points behind with 9 games to play.

It really will be a capitulation, United look the more likely to bottle it especially if Rashford is out for more games but the win over Wolves was big and their remaining fixtures are decent in Bournemouth, Fulham and Chelsea.

If Liverpool do get 4th then fair play but I think it’ll be ultimately be a very poor season for them with them missing out despite the late surge.

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Don’t think football can stat pad like basketball.

#prayforMo :cry:

Oh diddums.

But maybe that’s the problem, they had everything they needed so figured it was a sure thing. Not many (if any) at the start of the season didn’t have Liverpool in the top 4. Some even had them winning the thing! We got in the way though, ah well. Cry some more, Mo.


Such a weird decision


Yep, yep. I call it the @Phoebica theory.

Would you sell him for 130M ?

  • Yes
  • No

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I would go with Diaz Darwin Jota and Gakpo until January then buy big in January

Yes but the pool supporter at work says no as FSG won’t reinvest it.

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I thought their model was such that klopp could spend what they bring in for players? Such as Coutinho out, and dijk, Allison in with the money.

I’ve no idea tbh. He’s a bit of a crank when it comes to Liverpool lol

Kvaratskhelia for 200m.

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Martinelli would be cheaper

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They were on verge of spending 110m on Caicedo. Football fans are so weird.