Mohamed Salah

Liverpool voted no

Sam Matterface on talksport has said they are coming back with a 175M bid :joy::joy:

If they didn’t wait until the last day of the window, maybe Liverpool would be more open to a move. Make this offer in the summer, and Liverpool would have bitten off their hand.

But this leaves them no time to bring in a replacement.

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They can have Pepe


Liverpool would be crazy to reject this kind of money.

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£175m for Pepe, thanks!

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If we got 1.75m with performance related add ons, Edu should get a weekend off to host as many BBQs as he wishes.

Liverpool were going to struggle to get top four with him but so without him it’s highly unlikely.
When they sold Mane, they really dipped in form but Salah is a far more influential player.

If he does go, Klopp has virtually written off the season so it doesn’t matter if they get 150m because they they can’t adequately replace him.

I feel like they assume a Saudi club will happily still take Salah for pretty big money next summer. I figure the fee will be smaller, but still huge for a 31/32 year old, plus they’ll have had time to replace him, which they haven’t got if they sell him now.


it would be crazy if they do take it.

just wrong timing, not the amount of money.

If they let Salah go now, basically they are telling their fans that this season is also written off.

Sky Sports saying they’re prepared to make £200m offer. :henry:

but they cant spare £35m for rob holding :xhaka: :henry2:


Yeah this is exactly what I was thinking. A huge part of Salah’s draw for Saudi in particular is that he is probably the most recognized muslim athlete in the world. I don’t really think him being another year older makes much of a difference on that front.

I think Liverpool are probably quite confident a Saudi team forks out at least 100m this time next year.

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I think if Salah goes, Klopp’s gone. Can’t see Klopp green lighting this transfer at all. If he goes, it’s the owners stepping in.

Salah goes. Klopp goes. And Liverpool won’t win the league again for 30 years again me thinks :grimacing:

(I recognise we’re approaching that number too, so I speak in jest…kinda :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

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I believe the muslim connection could possibly make this biggest coup for the Saudi league. Reckon they’ll be willing to go to 200m and Liverpool know this.


I’d sell instantly, it would arguably fuck up their season though. But they could use the money to get Osimhen next summer.

Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a Bellingham and snubs them for Madrid.

Yeah the whole 30 year thing really isn’t funny anymore, we’re pretty much up to 20 years now and they’ve obviously broken the drought.

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