Mohamed Salah

Best player in the league. What a player


In a purple patch apparently.

Much did Liverpool get him for?

Has to be one of the best signings ever tbh

Mashallah brother showing that African excellence alhamdulillah


Most in form player in the league. Not the best player in the league IMO

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Think only 40 mil.

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28 goals.
Could well hit 40.

Always thought he was destined to be top class since his Basel days but didn’t know he will be this good.

Still think this season will be just one off for him.

It’s already not a one off imo, this is his second consecutive season being great. This is just what being great looks like in a much better team.


I would have Hazard, Ozil, KDB over him. But he’s top 5

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I mean goal count wise.
I don’t think he will be consistent 30 goal striker

Yep, just Roma fans what they are missing this season.

42 mil is the price Liverpool paid for him.

KDB and Özil aren’t the same kind of players so pointless comparing them

He’s much better than Hazard tho who’s a bit of a fraud tbh. He’s never scored this much as Salah has

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Eh? She is not comparing them. She is listing players who can be better ‘best player in league’ in her opinion.

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Yeah was gonna say. She was responding to the “Salah is the best player in the league” statement not “Salah is the best player in the league (only including those who are the same kind of player)”

I agree with GG. It’s KDB for me. Obviously I’d put Özil above Salah too – but not sure if that is team bias. I certainly enjoy watching Özil more than I do Salah though. Özil’s trickery :ok_hand:

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Hard to argue with his list of honors but I’ve always wondered what the point of Eden Hazard was. There’s something about him that’s just so … meh. Like eating a whole bag of movie popcorn.

Dude just gets better and to think Chelsea got rid of him and KDB !!

It’s not all about goals. Hazard brings entertainment, he’s quick, skillful and beats defenders for days

Hazard does much more than score goals and doesn’t have the luxury of playing in a attacking force that consists of Mane and Coutinho. At Chelsea it’s Hazard and that’s pretty much it.

To call him a fraud is weird to me, also he’s not the better player especially after a single season.

Nothing meh about Hazard whatsoever but that’s your opinion.