Mohamed Salah


Fabregas and Diego Costa are good partners in crime too have. Without wanting to diminish Hazard. He is excellent.


SALAH, what a player!!!


his season for Liverpool is reminding me of Suarez, he’s up there as the best player in the league but Kane is a better striker and KDB is a better contender for best player in the league at the moment, he just runs the show every game


Can see Madrid coming for him in the summer


I hope they do, but how often do players leave after one season?


They can come but I don’t see them selling him.
Dealt with Coutinho transfer quite well.


I think Real Madrid are interested in Kane and Pochettino, rather than Salah.

Kane has the film star looks, and with Bale could be the best looking and most glamorous attacking partnership in Europe :grinning:


Am I missing sarcasm?


Yes :grinning:

He would only have film star looks If he was the lead in Elephant Man.


No way Salah will be sold after one season. He’s tied to a long-term contract so the money they’d ask would be around 250-300 million lol.


If you asked me who I’d want in my team out of Hazard and Salah, it would be a really tough question to answer.

I’d pick Özil :ozil2:


he looks like an Orc from Warcraft.


Damn, it is like people asking you who you want in bed, girl A or girl B, and you said you prefer a guy.


Or, his answer was both girls :santi2:


Just like Wenger, not answering the question…


It’s actually more like saying Girl C who has bigger tiddies than the others but I get the sentiment :campbell:




Scored 30 goals this season now. Unreal


Real incoming.


This is just unreal… he is so so good this season… like Suarez previously for the Pools.