Mohamed Salah


Liverpool have no chill :joy:


He’s just showing his support to Carragher who somehow inexplicably is still in a job.



If you go on literally any player’s snapchat/Instagram story, they’re fucking filming themselves driving



The car was clearly stopped safely while he was using it before he tucked it under his nutsack and drove off. Was he at a red light or something?


Aah, here’s the video in question

These fucking yokels don’t deserve him, fucking come here Mo and I will become his weird Arab fangirl!!


Liverpool fans can be the worst, the sense of entitlement they have is nauseating.

He doesn’t owe them a damn thing.


Typical pool fans, he drove off before they trampled him to death.


Jesus the guys entitled to have a personal life an not be harassed by the fans. Tho he shouldn’t be using his phone while his driving


You Carnt use ur mobile phone in a car while the keys in the ignition so doesn’t matter if your stationer or not


It’s a funny one. Those fans are fucking pathetic lmao, he drove away and you keep chasing the car. Obviously he didn’t want to talk to you. At the same time, that’s some fucked up behavior on his part. At least acknowledge them, smile and wave and then drive off.


I don’t think there should be anything wrong with texting while at a halt.
And I am pretty sure he was using his cellphone as an excuse avoid interacting with these entitled fans.


Dunno about Britain but people using their phone while driving is endemic over here.

You’d want to be some dick to refer that to the police though.


Fucking cringey as fuck.


That guy is a bit of a bellend. Whilst I don’t use my phone when in motion I’ve often used it at traffic lights or when stationary to change a song on Spotify or look at the sat nav.

This is a nothing case imo, just some entitled pleb trying to make a quick buck.


Lock him up for a while! :unai:


I hate seeing it too especially when it is AFTV clips and its fans surrounding a car sticking their head in the car not even asking and taking selfies and shoving magazines in their face shouting ‘ozil ozil ozil will sign my magazine’ they are trying to move off and they get in the way knocking the car and making it so its dangerous to move, i feel embarrassed for them and the club in general its disgusting behavior.


He shouldn’t be on his phone whilst driving of course, but he has definitely gone up in my estimation after ignoring them fans


Salah out ! 10 game ban incoming !


Fair play to Salah. Slowly making his July move to Madrid more palatable for the fans.


‘‘Fans are the reason he has a career’’

Give me a fucking break. Didnt he used to travel like 6 hours a day back in Egypt just to play football. The guy’s most likely worked his arse off to be where he is. But oh no, self-entitled shit head grave robbing scousers think they are to be credited for his career. Next level of dillusion.