Mohamed Salah


He was playing Egyptian sunday league until at the tender age of 25 Liverpool FC rescued him and made him a professional footballer.



Only because theres a kid wanting a selfie.


‘one season wonder’ hitting form just as we are about to play them ffs

Game raising cunt lol.

Nah but even though the goals weren’t coming, that was more bad luck than anything. He was still doing the right things, as evidenced by his return to form.

I know we should hate on him because he plays for these weirdos but unfortunately he is actually very good


The thing about Salah is that for a few seasons now he’s always had a lot of chances so the goals were bound to start flowing eventually. The slow start was never anything concerning.


His close control and dribbling is sensational, very similar style to Messi. Don’t think that quality disappears even if the goals don’t fly in at the same rate as before.


Xhaka at LB gonna eat this fraud alive 🖒🖒 :joy::joy:


Moh Salfraud aint all that im affraid. Very good winger, but nowhere clinical enough to be considered as elite. His right foot is useless to.



Metrics have him on par with last season, only thing missing was the ball hitting the back of the net. He wont get as many goal as last season but it clearly wasn’t a purple patch.


Fastest ever player to score 50 goals for Liverpool. That some going when you consider the forwards they have had. Rush, Owen, Fowler, Torres, Suarez all been prolific at one time.


Salah is a quality player and would love him here, all players struggle with form at some point or another, so anything else is utter bollocks.


I am afraid that if we do play Xhaka at LB, he will get 2 quick yellows and got sent off before half time.


Did he miss his train or something?




I love it when I check who liked a “shots fired” post and one of them is @Gladiator


Haha what do you mean :joy:


Because your avatar is shots fired? haha


Oh right :slight_smile:


Can we call him “one-season wonder”?


I thought he was dangerous most of the game dribbling wise. Created a lot of promising moments.