Mohamed Salah


In a way yes as he won’t score 40+ goals in a season again but he’s still a very good player


Muhamad Chickensalad is a wonderful little pacy winger, but lets be honest, last season was Leicester City 2016esque in terms of performance and output.


Not hitting the heights of last season doesnt equate to him having a bad season. Hes coming to the boil nicely since the international break.


A statue of Salah has been unveiled today…

Someone on Twitter said it looks more like Marv…


Graham Rix


This guy is class, even not scoring.

Yes, he may not be able to score that many again, but still a very dangerous player and I would like to have him on my team anytime anywhere.

To use “one season wonder” is just an insult to him.
He is far more than just a goal scoring machine.


That last season was a one off, he won’t be scoring over 40 goals again. But I think that injury in the CL final has taken something out of him. He’s doing fine but after last season everyone is expecting to be doing the same thing, reminds me a bit of Ramsey after that 2013-14 season. He was just World class but every since he’s been very good and people knock him.