Miguel Almiron


I don’t think we really need to chose between forwards. Next season we only have Iwobi, Ozil and Mkhitaryan on the books.


Brad Friedel
Brad Guzan
Landon Donovan
Clint Dempsey

All were MLS players who made a decent career in the PL. And they all came from the era when MLS was a much worse league than it is currently.


Don’t think you can justify Donovan being on that list in fairness…which doesn’t detract from your overall point. :slight_smile:


Let’s hope for the best but it’s hard to get to excited about MLS form.


This is not going to happen. There have been sources saying the Arsenal-links are fabrications, not to say he won’t move to the Premier League.


2 mid-table keepers and an uninspiring loanee.

Hardly the fellowship of the fucking ring now is it.


He’s not very good technically is he? Sounds like this is agent noise. We really don’t need more Elneny level signings.


:joy: fair point, well made.

I absolutely loved Dempsey though and always wanted him in an Arsenal shirt. Thank god for FIFA games.

But on Almiron (and his epic eyebrows), I really can’t see it happening.



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Signing for West Ham confirmed.


I kinda want us to sign him, just because it’s different. He does look talented and too good for the MLS. It’s just whether he can adapt to the physicality of the PL.


If the MLS is one thing it’s physical…I’d be more worried about his technical level.


He was a monster when was playing in Argentina. He went to MLS only for Martino but he’s a technical box to box with a nice touch of class. Think of Di María playing CM.


Thanks for the insight. Do you think he has the right qualities to succeed in England?


That’s a pretty glowing endorsement.

Perhaps we should take a punt, selling him off if doesn’t work wouldn’t result in a huge loss.


sounds like we have found a ramsey replacement and are ready to definitely bin him off