Miguel Almiron


Atlanta United fan here (my hometown team).

Almiron has been spectacular for Atl United. He is quick and has a lot of technical ability. Seems rather tireless on the pitch. The Atl United attack largely runs through him—he’s the main link and Atlanta plays a quick passing, pressing style.

My concern as an Arsenal fan is whether he can adapt to the much more physical nature of the EPL. Also, where would he play? He is essentially playing in the Ozil role here (but deeper). Not sure if he can convert to an out and out winger. Also, while the MLS has made a lot of strides in the level of play over the last several years, it is still a cut below the EPL.

Interesting as I’ve seen more “swoop” headlines regarding him and Arsenal for January, but I still don’t think the rumors are that reliable.


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Which role does he play?




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As others have pointed out above, could very well be Ramsey’s replacement. I’m hoping the links are true as at least means we are seriously looking for a replacement.

We need to find gems in this bracket of spending (i.e. sub £30m). We’re not going to bust a £50m nut on a big player every summer so these sort of buys need to come good for us.


Almiron mostly plays central for Atl United. He’s given a free role and will drift in from the wing at times (he has a good left foot)—especially if Barco is on the field. While Almiron will come deep to start the attack, he doesn’t have many defensive duties. Atl likes to play it quickly to him and he’ll carry it forward or look for a ball through/over the top to Martinez. Given how many goals Martinez has scored (32!), teams will lay off and seek to deny Almiron the ball now.

FWIW, Almiron is week to week with a hamstring injury. I doubt he plays in the last two games this month before the playoffs begin.


He has good technical ability and pace. The issue I see is can he adapt to a much more physical league. Also, while he plays on the wing at times, it is definitely in an attacking role with not much to do defensively.

Given the price, it would be a small risk if he doesn’t pan out playing against higher competition.

He’s still young at 24.


So he would play in :mkhi: or :ramsey:'s role.


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Fucking hell! 33 mil for an unknown yankee player.


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I’d rather get Banega, especially at that price.


Banega is 30 though, 31 by the time we’d likely get him #NoMoreOAPs


I’d take Banega to come in and give us a little more stability in the midfield even if it were only for a season or two, I don’t think he’d take long to adjust and I reckon Emery would get the very best out of him.

Almiron is exciting though as it’s about as far from a Wenger transfer as you can get, and at 24 you could easily end up with a real player in the making.