Miguel Almiron


Don’t judge until he has played for us for a while, just because he isn’t a name doesn’t mean anything. Might not come here either, apparently, Barca are looking at him also…so can’t be that terrible.


Was going to add this to the transfer thread until I discovered this dude has his own thread :laughing:


First-team player?


Well a squad player for sure. Sounds like he could be a Ramsey replacement.

He has decent numbers, but it’s the MLS, Bradley Wright-Phillips is a superstar in the MLS!


Who the fuck is he?


Decent read. Like the £11m price too


The final attribute that sets Almirón above many of his counterparts is his relentless defensive work rate. He transitions to defending immediately after his team loses possession and hunts for the ball with purpose. Multiple times throughout a 90-minute match he will recover with pace to pick up a ball and regain possession for his side.


Fuck sake, I thought he played for Atalanta


Atlanta United’s Darren Eales’ quotes on Miguel Almiron appear to be fake as per @MLSTransfers. I will keep an eye on the developments of this story (if any!) #AFC pic.twitter.com/aUg3F9lNNA

— Arsènic™ (@MrArsenicTM) 5 oktober 2018

Fake news.


Signing a player from the MLS? :confused:


Looks average.



MLS :gabriel: are we sure about this?


Sounds like the usual agent/father trying to drum up interest in their player.


To be fair to him, he is THE best player in the MLS. And his jersey was the best selling in the MLS last season – given some of the big name stars that go over there, that’s quite impressive. He is really highly rated in America. But of course, MLS to a big PL club is a massive leap.


Well if he’s cheap, has plenty of potently talent an has a potential for merchandise sales sounds like a arsenal signing waiting to happen


Would you have held it against him if we directly picked him up from Paraguay?

Agree with @SRCJJ for the record I don’t think anything is in this.


It sounds like he’s definitely joining Arsenal, which probably means he’s definitely joining Fulham.


He’s definitely going to Leicester.


The only MLS player who has made it over here is Andre Yedlin.


Prefer Pavon tbf.