Mesut Özil

Some real reaches here. He’s 34 and has had a fantastic career.
Where exactly is the waste of potential/talent? If we’re gonna go down that route we should also criticize him for signing for us when he did because the guy was too good to sign for us at that moment in time.


he hasn’t played to his potential since his late 20s so that doesnt wash.


And this is why footballers should stay out of politics

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Ozil was class for most of his time here, he got a big deal for the same reason Auba did - the club were desperate to save face.

Couldn’t lose Ozil when we were losing Sanchez, even though Ozil was clearly not at his top level anymore. Couldn’t lose Auba when he was our (I say this loosely tbh) ‘star player’ and we’d had a poor season other than the FA cup.

Big mes got so much disrespect and the backlash from his defence of the uyghurs must’ve pushed him over the edge. German NT were cunts and isolated him.

Think he was always a bit of a pussy personality and couldn’t handle being told hard truths but he definitely needed someone to coddle him like Wenger at that point. Thought he’d find rejoice in Turkey but not sure what happened there, seems he can’t be arsed anymore and gone a bit like Bale.

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Absolutely this :100:

Socrates Romario and George Weah disagree

Three contract terminations in two years.

Guys a prick with an attitude problem. All there is to it.


Doesn’t add up. Can only think he has medical or personal issues.

We should not have given him a contract to do him a favour.

Said somewhere he wants to be a professional gamer…the guy is just a parasite wanting contracts for paydays when he knows full well he is going to put no effort into playing football.

I don’t buy it just being that though, he was always a player who could play the game effortlessly - football was so easy for him.

Now he’s gone actually shit and I don’t know what happened. Even a lazy ozil would rip the Turkish league apart but he didn’t.

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I’d take him back as cover for the Odegaard role. Fabio hasn’t really impressed and we could do with the experience


just an excuse to use Tomi’s emoji

Most of the time at us his football was beautiful and we got our moneys worth until the final contract.

Enjoy retirement Mesut. Fell off a Cliff once you hit 30 and it’s another call big :brain: got right.

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To be fair, wasn’t it Emery that originally made him surplus to requirements?

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I just noticed he still has an emoji here.

Don’t really think he deserves it to be honest, time to remove it maybe? @Bl1nk


Great shout, we can easily find another good laughing emoji without having him lingering about.

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Nah he stays @Bl1nk don’t you dare

The asshole doesn’t deserve a emoji. There, I said it.

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