Mesut Özil

Full name: Mesut Özil

Date of birth: 15 October 1988 (age 27)
Place of birth: Gelsenkirchen, West Germany
Height: 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Playing position: Attacking midfielder / Winger

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So his new contract should be sorted soon, right? He said after the Euros :ozil:

Ozil and Sanchez’s extensions are their approval of Wenger.
Let’s see if they will sign it.

This is a cool piece by Raphael Honigstein with quotes from Stefan Reinartz who retired due to injuries.


Very interesting, and one of the points I always made before Özil started to rack up the assist numbers and even the haters started to appreciate him. There’s just no one who works that #10 space more naturally than Özil, and whenever we are without him you noticed it. Still think people don’t quite realise what a special and difficult skill set Özil has. He’s the perfect modern player, seemingly handmade for the modern game where there isn’t much 2 striker system and the #10 plays in between the two last lines.

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Reinartz knows how is important to have a player like Mesut Ozil in the squad. Mesut is the only to see blind spaces and he turns them into opportunity to create a chance to score for his team-mate.

Ozil is the light.


That’s a really nice piece. The sort of stats that the average football enthusiast just has no actual knowledge of or exposure to and sadly goes by the wayside of mainstream football perception. Hope these deeper and more influential insights one day become prominent on live TV rather than just on the internet.

Özil’s such a class act and so badly understood around the football landscape in what an influence he is.

Football constantly evolves and seems to be even faster nowadays that the football players-turned-pundits now, like Robbie fucking Savage, are scorn to more modern thoughts on football. The Permier League perception of #Pace #Power #Strength #Pashun’ are gaudy cliches that shadow the more intricate technical side of things and players like Özil are overseen and cast as frail or not showing enough ‘willing for the ball’. Shambles.

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No chance to see him against Watford at least?

This transfer window has just about put the fail nail in the coffin to any chance we had of getting him and Sanchez to signing contract extensions.

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still a month to go, see if miracle happens

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It’s not over yet. I know you can’t trust us anymore, but just wait another month.

Not if we win the league.

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Don’t you mean 'when.’ Christ A4TT you’re such a fucking pessimist these days, bums me out.

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Well we’ve got like a 40% chance.

Typical American fan response, sometimes you just need to show you love and care man. Leave the percentages at the gate.

If we build it they will come.

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