Mesut Özil

That’s not true. He wasn’t half the player he used to be. I was a BIG Özil fan in the day. But after all this mess, with Arsenal, the German nt, his ties to Erdogan etc it’s clear he wasn’t focused. Showed in his performances and im frankly disappointed with him.


Yeah like we never got battered with him in a game did we.
Tell me about Baku again. Usual bollocks about the team not set up for him of course. Despicable cunt.


Don’t say that too loud around here - critique isn’t taken well, particularly using the word toxic.

:notes: We’ve got Ozil :notes:


@AM_Exile where are you?

Walcott wasting two golden chances…take me back :cry:


I have never seen any Arsenal debutand not just being the best player on the pitch straight away, but also managing to adapt to the dynamics of the team so well and so quickly as if he was playing with the team for years.

His movement off the ball, both the quality and the quantity of it, impressed me the most when I first saw him in the Arsenal shirt.

Again, such a shame we never managed to build a proper team around him. A proper striker to finish his passes and a proper DM to support him in the first place. We had Giroud and Arteta wasting Ozil’s prime years. :facepalm: