Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely day! I’m stuffed and need to retreat back to HQ aka my bed. Sprouts and stuffing doing their magic already :kos2:


Merry Xmas all.

No good food for me, stomach flu hit on the 23rd :face_vomiting:But I’ll be saving up for New Years instead :grin::man_dancing:t3:


Haven’t performed as well as last year thus far. Guess there’s still enough time left to turn things around


Just played a game of who am I. This was mine. I didn’t get it though because I asked if I was human and my family said no, so I was asking if I was Mr Blobby or Paddington :rofl:




Merry Christmas! We can say that in America again since the blacks aren’t in power any longer! Diet starts tomorrow!


It’s just a pity we didn’t have an MDC yesterday :joy: