Merry Christmas!


Happy Christmas folks.

@JakeyBoy you on it already? :smile:


Well it’s a bit much to throw out obvious bait and then get snarky with me for biting! :yum:

Believe it or not you aren’t the first person to move me to type the above in the past week :slight_smile:

I just love Die Hard and feel like people should let us have it as a Christmas film, so theres something for everyone at this time of year on the telly!


Christmas Day is nearly over for me and I’m working Boxing Day :dizzy_face:


Haha i’m not snarky. You’re also not the first person to have typed something similar to me this week, people are really defensive of Die Hard :grin:


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas! Hope everyone enjoys their day!


Merry Christmas everybody


Merry Christmas!


Happy day off work day everyone

Anyone else getting a gym session in before food overload :rofl:


Merry Christmas everyone. Hey, does nobody say Happy Christmas anymore? oh, Shammy did.


I wish, my gym doesn’t open until Wednesday.


Merry Christmas everyone


hope everyone got some good presents!


One of my favourite festivals. The feel good factor is so good with Christmas.

I hope you all have a wonderful and joyous Christmas :slight_smile:



Merry Christmas and goodwill to all!

GFI unbanned from MDC!


Is it a joke? :mustafi:


Is Leper being Leper or has he been swept up in Christmas spirit that will be swiftly remedied? :thinking:


Is Leper drunk?