Merry Christmas!


We celebrate Christmas on the 24th in Denmark, so have a very merry Christmas you pagan cunts.

Hope you are all safe and well and happy.



Merry Christmas mate!

And Merry Christmas to everyone on OA! Despite the problems going on at the club, at least here remains a special place to come and talk to you guys. So many laughs. It feels like one big close knit family here and long may that continue :slight_smile: :gift:


Happy Christmas folks. :slight_smile:

Hipsters. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wohoo! We made it another year. Have a nice holiday everyone! :grin::evergreen_tree::turkey:


Merry christmas cunts.


Merry Christmas x


Merry Christmas dipshits :heart:️:santa:t3:


Merry Christmas OA! :beers: :christmas_tree:


Merry XMas to everyone :christmas_tree:



Feliz Navidad.


Fuck me, Bl1nk’s a bisexual, I mean bilingual. Merry Christmas you assorted bunch of pricks.:campbell:


Feliz Navidad aweonados.

Also fuck Denmark.


Morri crisma to all.


Merry Xmas all




Merry Christmas from fucking Italy! :smiley: :slight_smile:



Thank god for Nigel and Boris liberating us from this madness.


Italy’s Christmas present to the world was taking out that Tunisian fuckpig this week.


Same in Norway. We’re done here for another year now.

So merry Christmas ya’ll