Merry Christmas!


A happy Yuletide to you all.

GFI banned from MDC.


! from our two favorite Arsenal alumns!!


[quote=“Leper, post:21, topic:1069”]
GFI banned from MDC.

This really could happen now we got our powers back, GFI is fucked :arteta:


:bellerin: Not a good Christmas present :bellerin:


Keep the change ya filthy animals


Merry Christmas. Wenger, Ozil, Sanchez contract extensions would be nice Christmas presents. Mostly Wenger though, imagine the reaction on here.


Loving all the not so subtle drunk posting tonight.


Merry xmas everybody


Merry Christmas OA!

Hope everyone has a great day. :poultry_leg:


So who has watched Home Alone yet? Or Santa Clause.


Happy Xmas one n all. Here’s to an hangover free Xmas to you all and the team.x

Crisco you ungrateful young chuff. How can you call the peeps who gave you Bendtner pagans?Lol.


which santa clause tim allen or the Dudley moore one? watched home alone weeks ago not got round to watching the 2nd one


Watched Uncle Buck again Blink. Still piss myself laughing at it and i’ve seen loads of times. Lol.


Gonna watch George Bailey save the building and loan later on. :wink:


Have a great Christmas everyone.


Watched Home Alone and half of Home Alone 2 yesterday evening. Sadly I fell asleep during the second one, but still definitely worth watching.

Now I just have to check when Mr Bean will be airing. It’s usually around new years eve on television here.

Merry Christmas to all btw… Not sure if I prefer the 24th or 25th as day of celebration.


Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho



Merry Christmas everyone. hope you’ve all been having a good day so far :slight_smile:


Merry Christmas to you and yours too @g4e me ole mucker